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So, today was just another day, like any other. We tried to venture into a Gentleman’s club, only to feel rejected – again. UGH! *sighs* Well, I believe M also started his very own non-profit. This group focuses mostly on media, entertainment and friends and is known as this very site, The Gilbert Gumption.

This news website was started by a rag-tag group of journalists, also known as Mad-Men, by some – but now the site rejects that connection because of the connotations associated with the TV program.

Look even Matt has a hard time keeping track of what day it is, what country he’s visiting and where he wants to go next!

These days some on staff look forward to writing their own versions of the great American novel, like the ones by F. Scott Fitzgerald, or those who rejected labels and bucked the system (you know who I’m talking about, the Hunter S. Thomspon’s of the world; who freelanced for many publications and never worried about what others thought of him – heck, we hear Johnny Depp paid for his “funeral” service which incorporated a cannon of some kind.

What’s next for the GG blog? Well, some say it has been valued at $1 Billion, but we all know that’s bull-shit! So, how do you combine a work-life balance that is appropriate? First, I suppose you accept the fact that there is no such thing as “perfect.” Then you go from there. You develop positions of “power,” but we’ve found that a collective, one that hides in plain site usually lands in the safest waters.

Happy travels to all and to all a good night! – #007

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Former Patriot Brandon Spikes Pleads Guilty In I-495 Crash


Would you be scared of him on the freeway?

Originally posted on CBS Boston:

WRENTHAM (CBS) – Former New England Patriot linebacker Brandon Spikes pleaded guilty Wednesday to leaving the scene of an accident last month on Interstate 495.

Spikes appeared in Wrentham District Court and also pleaded responsible to speeding and marked lanes violation charges.

Two other charges – negligent operation of a motor vehicle and operating uninsured – were continued without a finding for one year.

Spikes will not go to jail, but he must pay more than $2,000 in fines and court costs.

He was also ordered to complete the Alive at 25 program.

Spikes’ Mercedes Maybach was found abandoned on the median strip of I-495 in Foxboro in the early morning of June 7.

The car owned by Brandon Spikes towed by State Police after the June 7 crash. (WBZ-TV) The car owned by Brandon Spikes towed by State Police after the June 7 crash. (WBZ-TV)

A Mercedes Benz roadside assistance service operator told police that the driver reported hitting a deer.

No deer were found…

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Southbridge School Works To Protect Students As Teacher Faces Child Porn Charges

Originally posted on CBS Boston:

SOUTHBRIDGE (CBS) — Southbridge officials say they are taking steps to protect students after a teacher was arrested on child pornography charges.

Scott Peeler, a teacher at Southbridge Middle School, is accused of using a Yahoo Messenger account to set up webcam shows involving sex acts performed by minors.

He’s now on administrative leave.

Read:Federal Complaint Against Scott Peeler (.pdf)

It is not believed that any Southbridge students were involved, but school administrators said a crisis team has been assembled for anyone who needs to discuss their fears.

“I went home last night and had to talk to my own children,” Superintendent Sheryl Stanton said. “It certainly is a concern when adults are alleged to have engaged in such activity.”

Stanton said investigators are…

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Spread the Word

An advice and life column that starts today and may continue in this very spot

By Matt Lewis

Today, I am holding my head high, even though I’m slightly confused. This morning i woke up and thought about work and play all morning long!

What was on the agenda? Well, I was trying to sell at least one newspaper subscription to my Dad, and well, so far, I’ve been doing the long-sale and broken him down to the point where he said a newspaper he stopped subscribing to years ago was one he’d be willing to rejoin (for a fee, but with a Family discount of course).

Some time the other night I got invited to blog for an off-shoot of ESPN. It was a U of A blog for wierdos specifically! I was intrigued and did a little research. It still seems like something I’m going to want to check into. How’d I find it? Facebook. I can’t seem to find the link this morning. Ugh!

Please check in with us and see how our progress here @: The Gilbert Gumption is coming along. On iTunes soon.

Blod Ideas

1) World does not always = going to H-E-Double Hockey sticks

2) Travel tips a) How to get home … safe & sound

3) Dealing with the police

4) The DENTIST … duhn, duhn, duhn

5) Applying 4 jobs/internships; in-person vs. over-the-phone

6) The BIBLE (what it is secretly not telling you)

7) SPORTS (irrelevant) 8) “New” “news” vs. “traditional media”

8 a) What will the new medium(s) be?

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Fake Facebook Tornado Warning Leaves Butler County Officials Upset

Originally posted on CBS Pittsburgh:

BUTLER COUNTY (KDKA) — A Facebook post about a “fake” tornado warning had emergency officials in Butler County very upset today.

Their fear was that people wouldn’t realize it was fake, and would panic.

Butler county emergency services officials said the person behind this Facebook post is a 17-year-old young man who is not associated with the county in any way, shape or form. The post was immediately removed as soon as he saw the problems it was causing.

Steven Bicehouse, the Director of Emergency Servies in Butler County, said this type of fake message could induce a lot of unnecessary panic in the community.

“It was a drill they very similarly did from NWS in Chicago trying to find out how far social media page reached out into the community in disaster situation,” Bicehouse said. “When we do drills we follow a specific set of rules. We make sure…

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Millions More Americans Will Qualify for Overtime

Originally posted on TIME:

Millions more American workers will be eligible for overtime under new eligibility rules to be released Tuesday, according to reports.

Under current federal regulations, workers making more than $23,660 are not guaranteed overtime. The new rules will boost that to $50,440, Bloomberg reports.

Proponents of the regulation say it would protect workers below the poverty line who are not currently compensated for their work beyond 40 hours per week. Critics say it could cause some businesses to hire more part-time workers rather than pay their managers overtime.

The rules, which received their last major update in the 1970s, are part of a second-term effort by President Obama to help working-class Americans without going through Congress.


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6 Tricky Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them)

Originally posted on TIME:

Have you ever walked into a job interview feeling totally prepared, only to be stumped by a tricky surprise question? You’re not alone.

Two recent Quora threads discussed the questions, “What is the toughest interview question thrown at you, and how did you answer it?” and “What are some examples of great interview questions?” To help you tackle your next interview with confidence, we pulled together some of the most surprising Qs being asked behind closed doors—as well as Quora users’ interpretations and real-life answers.

1. “Do you think you’re a lucky person?”

There are two things you want to avoid here: attributing all of your successes to luck and coming across as cynical. “I thought about this for a few seconds and came to the conclusion that they must be gauging whether I’m an optimist or a pessimist,” Quora user Philemon Onesias says. “I…

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Mets, Dodgers not having “active discussions” about Jon Niese trade

Originally posted on HardballTalk:

It was reported over the weekend that the Dodgers and Cubs were among the teams with interest in a trade for Mets left-hander Jon Niese. While the southpaw is a logical target for both teams, a match with the Dodgers isn’t considered imminent:

Nothing too surprising here, as teams are likely still in the early stages of evaluating the starting pitcher market. Cole Hamels, Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardzija and Scott Kazmir are among the big names that could be dealt, so Niese falls into the secondary category with the likes of Mike Leake, Matt Garza, Kyle Lohse, Mat Latos, and Dan Haren. With questions in the back-end of their rotation, the Dodgers will be active.

Niese has posted a 4.12 ERA…

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26 Million People Changed Their Facebook Profile Photo to Celebrate Gay Marriage

Originally posted on TIME:

Did you notice a whole lot more rainbows in your Facebook feed over the weekend?

Well, you were looking at the handiwork of two Facebook interns – a piece of code that more than 26 million people took advantage of for Pride weekend. The rainbow filter was created by two interns at an internal hackathon the company last week, and it became so popular internally that the company asked them to refine the filter for public use, the company said in a statement Monday.

A number of celebrities jumped on board with the trend, including Elizabeth Banks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Andy Cohen, Anne Hathaway and E.L. James.

Arnold Schwarzenegger got in on the act as well, though one fan registered their disapproval, writing “What’s wrong with U [sic] Arnie? I have to unlike,” to which Schwarzenegger replied simply, “Hasta la vista.”

[time-brightcove videoid= 2916261213001]

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How to become a “real-life” #Hero

By Matt Lewis
Editor & Publisher

It takes work, that’s for sure. But the truth is, we can never become like the ‘Superheroes’ we see in the movies. I know many young people dream of it. Sure, I did too. We didn’t know that ideal wasn’t real.

For those with a ‘Summer-time’ sadness, just remember it will get better. Featured Image -- 3360
Here is what a “real-life” #Hero looks like.

This was found by Matt Lewis.

This was found by Matt Lewis.

Here’s what the comics portray.

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Robinson Cano exits Saturday’s game after he was hit in the head with an errant warmup throw

Originally posted on HardballTalk:

Update (9:31 PM EST): Cano does not have a concussion, Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times reports. He’s day-to-day with a contusion on his forehead.


Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano was hit in the head with an errant warmup throw from an Angels infielder before the start of the bottom of the seventh inning of Saturday’s road game against the Angels. He was standing against the railing in the dugout at the time. With a big knot on his forehead, Cano was lifted from the game and replaced at second base by Willie Bloomquist.

On Twitter, Shannon Drayer of 710 AM KIRO said that Cano looked “very shaky” as he was being examined by the team trainer in the dugout. Cano is undergoing concussion protocol, Drayer notes, and the Mariners will proceed from there.

Cano was 0-for-3 on the evening before departing. He has yet to gather any momentum…

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A. Reginald Eaves: Atlanta Turns Out To Remember It’s “Modern Day Moses”

Originally posted on CBS Atlanta:

Asaph Reginald Eaves was Atlanta’s first Public Safety Commissioner and a Fulton County Commissioner. The uncle of current Fulton County Commission chairman John Eaves, died on June 9, in Jacksonville, Florida. He was 81.

A. Reginald Eaves was also a founding member of the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials (GABEO) and the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE).

Friends, co-workers, and community leaders gathered at Ebenezer Baptist Church on Friday to celebrate his life. Among those participating in the service were Rev. Dr. Raphael G. Warnock, Senior Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church; Rev. Jasper Williams, senior pastor of Salem Bible Church, Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley, pastor emeritus with Providence Baptist Church, and former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin.

Click below to hear a montage of the service.

[cbs-audio-player title=”A. Reginald Eaves: Atlanta Turns Out To Remember Its Modern Day Moses” artist=”Maria Boynton” download=false image=”https://cbsv103.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/reginald-eaves-service-e1435453589976.jpg” url=”https://cbsatlanta.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/reginald-eaves-memorial-service.mp3″ station_name=”V-103″ station_logo=”http://cbsv103.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/1380waok-175×131.jpg”]

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Sergio Rodriguez is mulling a return to the NBA

Originally posted on ProBasketballTalk:

Sergio Rodriguez played four seasons in the NBA, but has been out of the league since the end of the 2010 season.

He was at times a capable reserve here in the states, but has emerged into much more than that while playing overseas.

The recent success Rodriguez has experienced has him considering a return to NBA action.

From Jason Quick of the Oregonian:

Former Trail Blazers point guard Sergio Rodriguez on Saturday said he is mulling a return to the NBA this summer and will wait “to see how the market is” after the free agent period opens July 1.

Since leaving the NBA in 2010, Rodriguez has become one of the best players in Europe. Rodriguez led Real Madrid to the 2015 Euroleague championship and was the 2014 Euroleague MVP. He says he has three years left on his contract, but said his contract has a reasonable…

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Andrew McCutchen to give elbow armor a try

Originally posted on HardballTalk:

Pirates fans collectively held their breath when All-Star outfielder Andrew McCutchen was hit on the left elbow with a Julio Teheran offering in the first inning of Saturday’s game. X-rays came back negative, allowing for a giant, collective sigh of relief.

Travis Sawchik of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that McCutchen will start utilizing elbow protection. “Looks like I got to now,” he said.

McCutchen among seven players in baseball who have been hit by at least eight pitches this year. The Pirates as a unit lead the major leagues with 40 HBP’s. “I’m not the only the one ticked off,” McCutchen said, per Sawchik. “We’re all ticked off.”

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My pen

Originally posted on HarsH ReaLiTy:

I dip my pen into my soul and sacrifice a little of myself for the next page. Realizing a sense of pain with each letter, I still feel a sense of satisfaction like a cutter upon completion. My pen, my baton to which I orchestrate my thoughts and funnel them into a screen. Through dancing fingers that race to match a dancing mind. My body spars its way into the phrases before me. Pictures of myself built with lazy run on sentences. A more true image than any golden tongue could tell. Writing myself because no one else ever will. Will ever care to. I rest upon my troubles and use them to leverage my writing hands as my fingers sprint across the keyboard. Moments in time recorded by the moment because the moments make us. My pen is my life because it records it. The instrument of my heart.

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Wil Myers two weeks ahead of schedule, could resume baseball activities in 4-6 weeks

Originally posted on HardballTalk:

Padres outfielder Wil Myers could resume baseball activities in four to six weeks, a couple of weeks sooner than the original timetable of six to eight weeks suggested, per Dennis Lin of the San Diego Union-Tribune. Myers had surgery on his left wrist to remove a bone spur earlier this month. He had his cast removed on Saturday.

Myers, 24, had missed a month between late April and late May due to issues with his left wrist. He appeared in only three games before going back on the disabled list, then underwent surgery. Myers is batting .277/.327/.459 with five home runs and 19 RBI in 159 plate appearances this season.

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Blazers GM denies report LaMarcus Aldridge told team he would leave in free agency

Originally posted on ProBasketballTalk:

Of all the marquee free agents out there — a group that technically includes LeBron James, Kevin Love and Marc Gasol — LaMarcus Aldridge is the one most have their eyes on as a guy who could potentially change teams.

A recent report claimed that Aldridge has already informed the Blazers that he won’t be back, but Portland’s GM strongly denied it, while claiming that a decision on Aldridge’s future has yet to be made.

From Mike Tokito of the Oregonian:

After all the recent reports that LaMarcus Aldridge was not going to return to the Trail Blazers, general manager Neil Olshey – in one of his regular telephone conversations with the All-Star power forward – asked Aldridge about it.

“I actually asked him how would you like me to address it,” Olshey said. “He said, ‘Just say it’s not true. You and I know where we’re at right now.'”…

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Jaime Garcia skips bullpen, may miss his next start

Originally posted on HardballTalk:

Cardinals starter Jaime Garcia did not throw a bullpen session scheduled for Saturday due to a sore groin, Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. He won’t make his start scheduled for Tuesday, but could start on Wednesday. There’s also a possibility he could simply miss this turn through the rotation.

Miklasz adds that manager Mike Matheny isn’t concerned; the Cardinals are simply being cautious with Garcia. The lefty dealt with a cramp near his groin during Wednesday’s start against the Cardinals.

Garcia, 28, made his season debut on May 28. He missed most of the first two months of the season due to shoulder issues. He currently owns a stellar 1.69 ERA with a 32/7 K/BB ratio in 48 innings over seven starts.

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‘Wish I Was Here’ Movie Review

By Matt Lewis

The movie stars Zach Braff, Zoey King, Pierce Gagnon, Kate Hudson and a slew of other great actors, mostly whom are there for cameo purposes. Photo Courtesy of:  http://bit.ly/1rsAU95

The movie stars Zach Braff, Zoey King, Pierce Gagnon, Kate Hudson and a slew of other great actors, mostly whom are there for cameo purposes.                                                                                                      Photo Courtesy of:

Visit http://bit.ly/1vwOrjy for the trailer of this movie and visit http://bit.ly/1mT5XXz for one of the movie’s best scenes.

Here is what Jackie Bensley, of Phoenix said about it:

“My favorite scene is when they are on the camping trip. It is there that the father begins to actually connect with his children. He shares some part of himself with them and they feel that connection and in turn begin to open up to him. They all have a better appreciation of we each other. Also the scene where Sarah is talking to Gabe in his hospital bed… As she explains to him what she thinks his sons need from him. A very powerful moment. My favorite character would have to be the family unit as a whole. They were so perfectly imperfect. They were each trying so hard to do what was right. The only problem they each had a different idea of what is right for them. As most normal families do especially in today’s world when everyone is in their own little world. But then they come together when it really matters. Family. I liked the film because it was so thoughtful. While watching you really had a connection to it. I always know whrn I come out of a film if b I had a connection with it… If it made me feel something good… And this one did jist that. The casting was great. I don’t think I have ever seen Kate Hudson in an indie film before. I was a little curious about this when I first saw the trailer. But she pulled it off with flying colors. Impressive. If you mean effects by the interspersed kind of flashbacks with the father being in some video game they played as kids, I understand what he was trying to do, but I think it was unnecessary and kind of detracted from the film. The film would have been just as good if not better without them. We really didn’t need to know that both brothers escaped their childhood through video games. And were still escaping reality through acting and role playing at comi-con conventions. We didn’t really need that. And as for the music. I don’t really think it added to the film… Or took away from it, it was just there as if it needed to be there because that is what you have in a film. It was a minor character in the scheme of things.”

How to ‘Train’ Your Summer Concert Palette

By Matt Lewis
Editor & Publisher

     I can’t seem to get enough of Train‘s new album, “Bulletproof Picasso.” What’s my favorite song, you ask? I haven’t even listened to the whole thing yet; but seeing their “Picasso At The Wheel Summer Tour 2015” in-person was pretty darn amazing!

Personally, I “fell in-love” with Train‘s music when I bought their album “California 37” back in 2012. I happened to be visiting the Golden State” with an girlfriend. It was the perfect California road-trip soundtrack, and while we never drove on California State Route 37, it didn’t matter. We were about 400 miles (or six hours by car) South in Los Angeles.

The concert, was a pretty standard concert, except for one thing each band seemed to be debuting at least one song for us that night. Who was there? The comical music stylings of Matt Nathanson, The Fray, and of course Train was the headliner.

The Gilbert Gumption‘s  Editor & Publisher, Matthew Aaron Lewis (@matt20hew) talked to Holly Hensley of Gilbert, Ariz. She attended the concert with her roommate and friend, Karissa Shipp. In full disclosure, Mr. Lewis attended Basha High School with both Women. He knew of them, but did not run around in the same circles.

Train Interview


Holly Hensley, 27, Gilbert

The ‘Train’ “Picasso at the Wheel” concert tickets were a birthday present to Ms. Hensley from her Mother. Her birthday was two days before the concert.

She got two tickets; and took Karissa Kay Shipp, who is also her roommate and friend from school.

Her reason for going: (Paraphrase) I’m really into ‘The Fray;’ or at least more so than ‘Train.’

Ms. Hensley said her favorite ‘Train’ songs are “Marry Me” or “Drops of Jupiter” with “Drops of Jupiter possibly having a slight edge.

During the concert, however, Ms. Hensley said her favorite performances by ‘Train’ were either their song “Free” or “Marry Me.” She said she was really hoping that ‘Train’ was going to play “Marry Me,” and she wasn’t disappointed. ‘Train’ did however wait until the later part of their set to play the song. They started with a few new songs then went back to their older works. They played a mix of Radio hits and some of the lesser known songs from their albums.

As for ‘The Fray’ she said it is too hard to choose. She said if she had to choose, her favorite song from them would probably be “Heartbeat.”

She said she was originally introduced to ‘The Fray’s’ music by a T.V. show; some doctor drama, she recalls – either “Grey’s Anatomy” or “Scrubs.” The song – “How to Save a Life.”

She said ‘Train’s’ new albums – and specifically the lyrics – have evolved into “weirdness.”

Her seats were on the lawn at Ak-Chin Pavillion; and she was just fine with that, in fact, she preferred to sit in the grass.

“I didn’t need to know every song (to have a good time),” Ms. Hensley said. “They’re (‘Train’) just awesome to listen to.”

After attending the concert, Ms. Hensley’s interest in ‘Train’s’ latest album “Bulletproof Picasso” was piqued and she says she’s been seeking out their new stuff on Pandora and other streaming music sites such as YouTube. She says she may even buy a few songs from iTunes.

She had heard some songs of “Bulletproof Picasso” on Pandora before the concert and said she wasn’t really paying attention to the lyrics, but really listened to what was being sung about during the concert and got hooked.

When Mrs. Kay Shipp and Ms. Hensley arrived at Ak-Chin Pavillion’s parking lot, they could already hear Matt Nathanson performing.

They rushed in and got their seats. They were a little bummed to find that the only available seats were directly behind a view-obstructing pillar.

During an intermission, thought, they moved and got a better view of the stage.

Ms. Hensley described the lawn seats as a “sweat spot,” that wasn’t too close, or too far away from the stage.

Ms. Hensley said that Mrs. Kay Shipp was also a big fan of ‘The Fray,’ and like her, wasn’t as big a fan of ‘Train.’

She said neither of them were really all that aware of Matt Nathanson’s music.

When asked to sum up the concert in a word or phrase, Ms. Hensley said, “Best. Concert. EVER!” She made sure that I record the proper punctuation and capitalization.

TRANSCRIPT of Interview: ” Coming soon. …”

Below is some multimedia from the concert. Please enjoy!

IMG_0150 IMG_0152 IMG_0153 IMG_0155 IMG_0156 IMG_0158 IMG_0160 IMG_0161 IMG_0165 IMG_0166 IMG_0170 IMG_0172 IMG_0175 IMG_0178 IMG_0180 IMG_0181 IMG_0182 IMG_0183 IMG_0184 IMG_0185 IMG_0186 IMG_0187 IMG_0188 IMG_0194 IMG_0195 IMG_0196 IMG_0197 IMG_0198 IMG_0199 IMG_0200 IMG_0201 IMG_0202 IMG_0203 IMG_0204 IMG_0205 IMG_0206 IMG_0207 IMG_0209 IMG_0210 IMG_0211 IMG_0212 IMG_0215 IMG_0216 IMG_0218 IMG_0219 IMG_0223 IMG_0225 IMG_0226 IMG_0227 IMG_0228 IMG_0230 IMG_0232 IMG_0233 IMG_0235 IMG_0236 Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 10.13.02 PM Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 10.13.30 PM Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 10.14.35 PM Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 10.15.33 PM Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 10.17.17 PM Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 10.17.41 PM Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 10.18.01 PM Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 10.18.20 PM

Here are my final musings on the concert, written during the concert: “This concert was ‘my’ concert. It was ‘their’ concert. They enjoyed playing for us. We had a good time. Let the Endless Summer* of 2015 begin in the Phoenix-metro area.”

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Dropbox Hits 400 Million Registered Users

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Dropbox said today that it now has more than 400 million registered users — a jump from the last public figure about its user base in May last year.

Previously, the company had said it had 300 million users. The company declined to say how many of them are monthly active users, but it still shows that Dropbox’s registered user base at the very least continues to grow. Dropbox’s edge is that it’s a dead-simple file-sharing service, but even something that might sound as boring as that is able to attract a huge audience. Dropbox also has more than 100,000 paying business customers, the company said.

[related_articles]Another vanity stat the company dropped was that users synchronize 1.2 billion files every day. But still, it’s a pretty large number that is technically difficult to manage — and having a technical edge has also been an advantage Dropbox has had over time.


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The Five Reasons Why: You Are Stuck in a Spirit Draining Rut

Originally posted on Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger:

cover art ‘Spirit Drainer’  by David Miles

People are incapable of stereotyping you;
your stereotype yourself because you’re the one
who accepts roles that put you in this rut or in this stereotype.
– Eva Mendes

The Five Reasons Why: You are Stuck in a Spirit Draining Rut

sound: In The Game by AnewDuo (hiphop-gospel), Chicago Illinois
visuals: David Robert Bliwas, New York City New York
words: Kendall F. Person, Sacramento California

Always the Victim
When Monica Seles was stabbed in the back, while playing a championship match on a sold out center court  –  and not by her own – but her opponent’s stalker,  it is plain to see why it took her two years to recover. But more importantly, she played absolutely no role in what would become her swan song as the world’s greatest. And while there exist times in our lives, where we have no control, we cannot sum…

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Maggi Pizzas Have Pig Harmful Chemicals Deadly Side Effects


Consider the source and let us know if you agree or think this is just a scare-tactic.

Originally posted on Ramani's blog:

Now Maggi is in the News for its ingredients contain Lead and other chemicals harmful to Health.
It has been taken off the shelf from UP,Delhi, Kerala and tamil Nadu is about to ban it.
Maggi noodles.jpg Maggi noodles We had earlier the issue of Johnson and Johnson for similar offences. Oreo cookies,which was banned in the US as early as in the Thirties! I have been writing on this issue , Coke,Maggi,Pepsi and other Health Drinks. No body sees to bother . Excepion is my Five year Grandson who refuses all these saying that his Boss Thatha(that's me!) told him they are harmful) I am providing soe information received from my friend below and right after it information from a reliable sites. As they say in Tamil, I have blown the Whisle(Saangu, Conch) Upto You. Life bouy is neither bath soap nor toilet soap ! But it's a Cabolic soap used…

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NBA Finals: Warriors take overtime Game 1 win over Cavaliers

Originally posted on ProBasketballTalk:

LeBron James was fantastic to open the NBA Finals, and Stephen Curry hit shots worthy of his MVP recognition.

But in the end, free throws in overtime decided the first game of the championship round more than anything else, and Golden State came way with the 108-100 victory to take a 1-0 lead in the best-of-seven series.

James did all he could for his Cavaliers, finishing with 44 points, eight rebounds and six assists. But Curry and Klay Thompson combined for 47 points, and Andre Iguodala was huge off the bench with 15 points on eight shots, and the Warriors pulled away for the win in the overtime session.

This was a critical opportunity for Cleveland to steal home court advantage, but the Cavaliers ultimately couldn’t take control. Kyrie Irving’s knee was a concern heading into the series, but he largely played as though it wasn’t an issue, until he…

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Guest Post: INASP’s Anne Powell — Availability Does Not Equal Access

Originally posted on The Scholarly Kitchen:

Promotion of library and e-resources in Honduras Promotion of library and e-resources in Honduras

Editor’s Note: This post is by Anne Powell. Anne is the Programme Manager, Information Access and Publisher Liaison at INASP.

A recent post in The Scholarly Kitchen highlighted the crucial link between access and discovery, and the clear conclusion that making information available is not sufficient by itself. Discovery is a complex concept, a web made of tools, technologies, infrastructure and perhaps most importantly, relationships built on an understanding of the needs of users. At INASP we are working on each of these aspects with an ultimate goal of bringing them together on a global level.

To summarize recent events, it seems that health workers, Ministry of Health officials and researchers in Liberia had no knowledge of studies suggesting that Liberia could be considered an endemic zone for Ebola. Bernice Dahn, Chief Medical Officer of Liberia’s Ministry of Health writes in the

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Blog Ideas

Originally posted on Matthew A. Lewis:

1) World does not always = going to H-E-Double Hockey sticks

2) Travel tips

a) How to get home … safe & sound

3) Dealing with the police

4) The DENTIST … duhn, duhn, duhn

5) Applying 4 jobs/internships vs. in-person vs. over-the-phone

6) The BIBLE (what it is secretly not telling you)

7) SPORTS (irrelevant)

8) New news vs. traditional media

a) What will the new medium(s) be?

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On National Nude Day, it’s bare if you dare (from AZCentral.com)

By Ryan Van Velzer
The Republic | azcentral.com 10:14 p.m. MST July 13, 2014
national nude day
Donn Holmes (left), 63, and Ken Runo, 65, soak up some sun Friday at Shangri La Ranch, a
clothing-optional community in New River. Today is National Nude Day, a holiday celebrated
by nudists around the country.
(Photo: Cheryl Evans/The Republic)

Ken Runo sat beside the pool in a deck chair, his skin tanned, his leg precariously crossed, concealing his more intimate parts.

“Every day is National Nudist Day to me,” he said.

Runo said he always knew he was a nudist. As a kid, he ran through the forests near his home in Cleveland naked as a jaybird. At 65, he still prefers the feel of the breeze on his skin to the constriction of clothes. On some days, he hikes through the dry washes surrounding the 50 acres of Shangri La Ranch, a “clothing optional” resort in New River. And, no, he’s not concerned about cactuses.

Monday is National Nude Day, a celebration of the birthday suit.

For most nudists, it’s just another day without clothes.

National Nude Day comes on the heels of Nude Recreation Week, a similar celebration that begins the week after the Fourth of July. Across the U.S., more than 32,000 members of the American Association for Nude Recreation, organized into more than 250 recreational clubs, are celebrating in pretty much the same way they always do. They don’t need to get dressed up for the event.

“This is something we take pride in,” said Ashley Beahan, public-relations manager for the association. “It brings awareness to nude recreation. This is a lifestyle; people grow and learn from this lifestyle.”

Friday afternoon at Shangri La Ranch was a relatively calm start to the weekend compared with the Fourth of July weekend, when all 160 of the available RVs and homes were full. Permanent residents mingled, played billiards in the recreation room and idly swam in the pool.

One visitor recalled the first time he visited a nude resort. It was Mira Vista, a “premier clothing-optional resort” outside of Tucson, according to its website.

He said he sat perched on the edge of his bed, nervously sipping beer with his wife. The couple peered out the windows until they had the courage to join the others. Eventually, liberated from their clothes, they joined, and within minutes, they forgot they were naked.

“Once the clothes are off, you’re just people,” he said.

Shangri La Ranch and Mira Vista are Arizona’s most popular nudist resorts, but daring nudists also visit the public “clothes optional” hot springs in Camp Verde and Tonopah.

According to Arizona law, a person commits indecent exposure if he or she recklessly exposes his or her genitals or nipples in the presence of another person who would be offended or alarmed (breastfeeding is exempt). Arizona “naturists” interpret the law to mean that it’s OK to be naked on public land if no one sees you and is offended.

Those interested in joining a nudist community or visiting a resort need only remember a few tips. It’s important to be respectful and not stare, said Shangri La Ranch manager Patty Faber. Use common courtesy, wear lots of sunscreen and, if you’re sitting down, always make sure there’s something between you and what you are sitting on, for hygiene purposes, she said.

Immigration Stories

By Matt Lewis

If you are a reader, viewer or listener of the news you’ve probably heard about the protesters near San Diego complaining of the immigrants being bussed there.

If you’re an Arizonan, you’re probably sick of the immigration debate.

One editor said he was tired of political e-mails that were spewing immigration rhetoric and misusing fewer vs. lesser.

Dylan Smith, editor of the Tucson Sentinel, said he will start disregarding those e-mails which mistakenly use fewer vs. lesser.

I personally applaud this decision.

He said on #Facebook that if they couldn’t have a proper command of the English language then he probably couldn’t provide intelligent discourse on the matter.

This version was updated Saturday, July 12, 2014 at 8:20 p.m.



National Dance Day

By Matt Lewis

According to SpryLiving.com Saturday, July 26 is National Dance Day.

If you aren’t already fed up by the fact that just about everything has it’s own holiday now, you may want to celebrate this one.

The Spry Living article’s slug says: No rhythm? No excuse. Anyone can celebrate National Dance Day on July 26 with their expert tips.

Famed choreographer Debbie Allen certainly gained notoriety for her work in Fame. She now inspires “dancers through FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance, no in its 11th season,” the article said.

She has also taken on a more personal project. Her father is battling diabetes so Allen “has partnered with Jansen Pharmaceuticals on The T2 Dance Crew (www.T2DanceCrew.com) to encourage Type 2 diabetics to try to dancing as a way to stay active and manage their condition,” the article said.

“I tried to get Daddy to exercise, but he was not having it,” she says. “When he died, we lost a great light in our lives, and it didn’t have to go that way,” she was quoted as saying in the article.

Allen says she believes anyone can dance and enjoy it. In honor of National Dance Day, Spry Living asked for her best beginner tips on how to “get grooving.”

Build confidence by yourself. If you’re nervous before venturing out to a class or club, call up some YouTube instructional videos and practice in your own space.

Choose an international or unusual style. Chances are, most of the students in your African dance class are new to the moves, too! You might feel less intimidated than at, say, a line-dancing class in the South.

Make an outing of it. Get a group of girlfriends (or guy friends) together for drinks and dancing at a salsa club. “Once you get started, you can dance salsa all night long!” Debbie says.”

The article in Spry Living was written by Katie Neal. 

Third Obit Not A Charm

By Matt Lewis

This will be the third obituary I will have to write in my life (okay well technically fourth, but one I don’t count). The first was for someone who wasn’t even going to die anytime soon. The second was a professor at the University of Arizona. The third was my mother’s (I was only 22). The fourth will be my paternal grandmother’s.

I don’t know why sadness must consume me when I’m writing these obituaries (even for the guy who wasn’t going to die anytime soon) but it does. I also find it very disconcerting writing a document that will be the final document honoring a person – it’s a lot of pressure.

I never know the right words for eulogies, but at least with obituaries they are straightforward.

Here’s the obituary I wrote for my mother:

Screen shot 2014-07-05 at 12.55.14 PM When things get tough, the tough get going as the saying goes, but for me it is not that simple. You have to have an extra thick skin to write obituaries – I believe – especially if that person is close to you.

There is also a lot of questions that have to be answered when writing an obituary and the more questions you have about a family member the less you feel like you knew about their life, which can make you even more sad.

One of my father’s friends told me it is an honor to be chosen to write the obituary. I told him it was only because I was the resident journalist in the family. He shrugged it off and said it was still an honor.

Facebook Hack

By Matt Lewis According to reports from a man who’s Facebook name is listed as Howard Moses, some of his Facebook friends’ accounts were hacked. Their accounts said that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was giving out a reward.

“Three (friends I’ve blocked so far). (The reason was a claim of) prize from a Facebook lottery,” Moses wrote on Facebook. “(I’ve gotten) messages from hacking scammers who can’t spell.”

This phishing scam asked users for their name and e-mail and told them they were among a group of 50 lucky winners who won $300,000. For more on this story read more at: http://bit.ly/1vK690c

You block whatever come. Contact later. This really sucks. — Howard Moses

No attempts have been made as of yet to verify if this is indeed a hoax. image Facebook screenshot

#HappyBirthday #Prescott, #Ariz. & #AZAthletics Final Event

By Matt Lewis
Executive Editor

CHANDLER, ARIZ. – After venturing through the city of Prescott, Ariz. my friend, Mark and I decided it was a great day to celebrate the birthday of Arizona’s Territorial Capitol. Prescott celebrated 150 years or a sesquicentennial this week.

From a video of the historical museum of the city I learned that the town was named after William Hickland Prescott. I also learned that at the infamous Whiskey Row cowboys and miners would have a drink at each bar along the row. I also learned that early on in the history of the city there were several fires due to oil lamps.

The University of Arizona Athletic Department wrapped up their four-stop tour of the state in Prescott as well. Mark and I – both alumni of the university – were going mostly to check out the event, but ended up enjoying our time in the city of Prescott as well.

The Mayor of Prescott decreed the city to be “Wildcat Country.” Then the coaches of the Men’s Basketball program (Sean Miller), the Football program (Rich Rodriguez) and the Women’s Basketball program (Niya Butts) – and Athletic Director Greg Byrne – spoke about the future of their respective athletic programs and answered questions from alumni, like Mark.

Coach Miller was particularly excited about one recruit  from California. He said he was an incoming freshman who won four consecutive years in high school at the highest division. He said that has maybe only ever been done once before. He also talked about the renovations to the basketball arena, McKale Center.

Coach Rodriguez talked about the new locker room facilities for players and mentioned how in the past the facilities used to be a bit of an embarrassment, but now they stand as some of the tops in the Pacific Coast 12 Conference.

Athletic Director Byrne answered questions about television packages, especially pertaining to the Prescott area.

All speakers/coaches drew applause and some laughs when they spoke to a packed conference room at the Hassayampa Inn near downtown.

We got there in the early afternoon and toured the historical museum and the Governor’s Mansion. The tour lent itself to a myriad of great photographs! The weather was also a nice escape from the heat of the Valley of the Sun.


Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 11.32.05 PM
























Screen shot 2014-05-30 at 12.05.33 AM

Movie Review: ‘Divergent’

By Matt Lewis
Executive Editor

The film Divergent took a look at what Shailene Woodley would be like as a chick who is tough as nails.

Divergent opens in a futuristic Chicago landscape, post what appears to be an epic war that took place. Many of Chicago’s landmark buildings are badly damaged from the war. There is an eerie sense of dystopia when we see this world. We fear it. We know it could be very real if World Leaders (or even a single radical) play fast and lose with the rules of human decency and let another war of Worldly proportions.

Ms. Woodley stars along side Theo James, Kate Winslet and others who make up a great cast in this film. The characters have irony and drama written all over their faces.

We find out early on the plot and eventual outcome of this movie, but that does not detract from the greatness of this movie.

There are different sectors that the community has divided itself into to live. There are the truth-tellers, the helpers of man, the army and police, the homeless and I may be forgetting one or two sectors.

What is divergent? Divergent is when someone who is young takes a test to determine their best sector and isn’t given a clear result.

Where does the drama in this movie come from? It comes from Ms.  Winslet’s character wanting to hunt and destroy all Divergent people.

We are rooting for Ms. Woodley when she goes to take her test to have a clear result, but alas she is given a Divergent path with multiple results. She then chooses to work and train with the army sector — convenient since she’ll need those skills later to thwart the plan to destroy her kind.

I personally really enjoyed this film and will once again let this movie speak for itself, so below is some information from the movie Website IMDb.

Internet Movie Data base (IMDb)

Divergent (2014)

 139 min  – Genres: Adventure | Romance | Sci-Fi  – 21 March 2014 (USA)
IMDb Users rating:

Ratings: 7.5/10 from 54,324 users   Metascore: 48/100 
Reviews: 295 user | 258 critic | 38 from Metacritic.com

In a world divided by factions based on virtues, Tris learns she’s Divergent and won’t fit in. When she discovers a plot to destroy Divergents, Tris and the mysterious Four must find out what makes Divergents dangerous before it’s too late.


Neil Burger


Evan Daugherty (screenplay), Vanessa Taylor(screenplay), 1 more credit »



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Divergent -- In a world divided by factions based on virtues, Tris learns she's Divergent and won't fit in. When she discovers a plot to destroy Divergents, Tris and the mysterious Four must find out what makes Divergents dangerous before it's too late.Divergent -- Watch a featurette on 'Divergent' character Four, played by Theo James.


Miles Teller at event of Divergent (2014) Miles Teller and Jai Courtney at event of Divergent (2014) Shailene Woodley in Divergent (2014)
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Director: Gary Ross
Stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth


Cast overview, first billed only:
Shailene Woodley Shailene Woodley
Theo James Theo James
Ashley Judd Ashley Judd
Jai Courtney Jai Courtney
Ray Stevenson Ray Stevenson
Zoë Kravitz Zoë Kravitz
Miles Teller Miles Teller
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Set in a futuristic dystopia where society is divided into five factions that each represent a different virtue, teenagers have to decide if they want to stay in their faction or switch to another – for the rest of their lives. Tris Prior makes a choice that surprises everyone. Then Tris and her fellow faction-members have to live through a highly competitive initiation process to live out the choice they have made. They must undergo extreme physical and intense psychological tests, that transform them all. But Tris has a secret that she is Divergent, which means she doesn’t fit into any one group. If anyone knew, it would mean a certain death. As she discovers a growing conflict that threatens to unravel her seemingly perfect society, this secret might help her save the people she loves… or it might destroy her. Written by anonymous

Plot Summary | Plot Synopsis


One choice can transform you See more »


Adventure | Romance | Sci-Fi

Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)

Rated PG-13 for intense violence and action, thematic elements and some sensuality | See all certifications »

Parents Guide:

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Official Sites:

Official Facebook | Official site





Release Date:

21 March 2014 (USA) See more »

Also Known As:

Divergent See more »

Filming Locations:

Chicago, Illinois, USA See more »

Box Office


$85,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:

$54,607,747 (USA) (21 March 2014)


$143,008,971 (USA) (6 May 2014)

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139 min

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Dolby Digital | Datasat



Aspect Ratio:

2.35 : 1

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Did You Know?


Theo James did all of his own fight stunts with no stunt double. See more »


When Jeanine speaks to Tris in the Dauntless passage, Tris’ hair covers the cut on her ear. When the camera switches to the close-up, the wound is revealed and her hair is behind her ear. This switches throughout the scene. See more »


Four: You alright?
Beatrice ‘Tris’ Prior: You cut me.
Four: I meant to.
Beatrice ‘Tris’ Prior: You meant to?
Four: You think he’s going to let you off without a scratch? You’d still be standing there if I hadn’t hit you.
Beatrice ‘Tris’ Prior: So am I supposed to thank you?
Four: You’re supposed to be smart. If I wanted to hurt you, I would’ve.
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The Summit Entertainment and Red Wagon Productions logos appear orange and semi-holographic. See more »


Featured in Troldspejlet: Episode #51.14 (2014) See more »


I Won’t Let Your Go
Written by Gary Lightbody and Jacknife Lee
Performed by Snow Patrol
Produced by Jacknife Lee
Courtesy of Polydor Records

Movie Review: ‘Rio 2′

By Matt Lewis
Executive Editor

‘Rio 2′ is a great children’s cartoon! It has music, colors and a happy-ending story line (sorry, should have said spoiler alert). This film makes you happy from the opening credits until the conclusion.

There is the obvious rise and fall of the action to fit a standard children’s tale, but there are some adult themes to keep the grown-ups interested too.

From the beginning we are given big musical numbers and great visual effects to give our eyes a treat. The movie opens in Rio de Janeiro and takes the audience and the birds and a cast of other characters to the Amazon.

The movie stars the voices of Jesse EisenbergAnne HathawayJemaine Clement as well as George Lopez and Bruno Mars, among others.

What the movie didn’t lack was a sense of appeal for both parents and children. There were themes that could appeal to all.

Blu’s character, played by Eisenberg, was a loveable neat-freak who was overly concerned with all the dangers of the jungle. He took paranoia to a new extreme and it was funny.

Hathaway voiced Blu’s wife Jewel. Jewel, a wild bird, had no problem fitting in to the Amazon as it was her home.

We meet Jewel’s family and ex-macaw beau who poses a bit of a threat to Blu’s manliness — again funny.

The movie has sweet moments and fun moments for the kids too. There’s a soccer match that is sure to capture the hearts of young boys the world over.

There’s not enough good things to say about this film, but mostly I’ll let the film speak for itself like a parrot, so go see it.

Items from IMDb:

Take The IMDb Quiz! Test your knowledge of Rio 2.

The movie’s protagonist character Blu is a domesticated macaw from small-town Minnesota. He met the fiercely independent Jewel and takes off on an adventure to Rio de Janeiro with this bird of his dreams in the first movie.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Jake T. Austin
Fernando (voice)
Carlinhos Brown
Audition Bird (voice)
Kristin Chenoweth
Gabi (voice)
Jemaine Clement
Nigel (voice)
Jim Conroy
Capoeira Turtle (voice)
Rachel Crow
Carla (voice)
Bernardo de Paula
Carnival Barker / Blue Sentry (voice)
Nola Donkin
Opera Bird (voice)
Jesse Eisenberg
Blu (voice)
Miguel Ferrer
Big Boss (voice)
Jamie Foxx
Nico (voice)
Pierce Gagnon
Tiago (voice)
Andy Garcia
Eduardo (voice)
Jeffrey Garcia
Spoonbill / Perl (voice)
Bebel Gilberto
Eva (voice)


“It’s a jungle out there for Blu, Jewel and their three kids after they’re hurtled Rio de Janeiro to the wilds of the Amazon. As Blue tries to fit in, he goes beak-to-beak with the vengeful …”


Plot Summary |


He’s villainous, she’s venomous. See more »


Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family


| See all certifications »

Parents Guide:

View content advisory »


Official Sites:

Official Facebook | Official site [Brazil] | See more »




English | Portuguese

Release Date:

11 April 2014 (USA) See more »

Also Known As:

Rio 2 See more »

Filming Locations:

Brazil See more »

Box Office


$103,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:

$39,327,869 (USA) (11 April 2014)


$107,361,821 (USA) (6 May 2014)

See more »

Technical Specs


101 min

Sound Mix:

Dolby | SDDS | Datasat | Dolby Atmos



Aspect Ratio:

2.35 : 1

See full technical specs »


Did You Know?


In Serbia, Felipe is dubbed by a famous rapper Ajs Nigrutin, and main bad guy is voice-played by football player Savo Milosevic. See more »


[from trailer]
Jewel: We are not people, we’re birds. We have to get out into the wild and be birds, Blu.
See more »

Crazy Credits

The closing credits are animated in the style of a pop-up book. See more »


Look at Me Now
Written Christopher Maurice Brown, Dwayne Carter, Thomas Wesley Pentz, Trevor Smith, Jean Baptiste Kouame, Nick Van De Wall and Ryan Buendia
Performed by Amy Heidemann
Produced by John Powell

Movie Review: ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

By Matt Lewis
Executive Editor

Delightfully quirky is the best way to describe this Wes Anderson picture. If a picture paints a thousand words and a thousand pictures are in this film then how many words does that mean this review has to be?

The plot thickens quickly in this strange comedy that takes place in a town that is – I believe – a metaphor for the Swiss Alps. Ralph FiennesF. Murray AbrahamMathieu Amalric all play starring roles in this film – so not huge names, but do we ever expect the cast to overshadow the story with a movie from Mr. Anderson?! 

This film comes in at exactly 100 minutes and doesn’t let you miss a step. If you must go to the rest room go before or after the film otherwise you may be a bit confused. Every scene is drenched with ironic comedy and dark humor.

Here is the synopsis from IMDb: “The adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend.”

Here’s a more full description: “GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL recounts the adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend. The story involves the theft and recovery of a priceless Renaissance painting and the battle for an enormous family fortune — all against the back-drop of a suddenly and dramatically changing Continent.” Written by Fox Searchlight Pictures

The picture is rated R for language, some sexual content and violence. | What makes this film interesting is it never lets us, the audience, miss a beat. It’s like if a friend was telling you a story that you were hooked in on and if you missed a single word you wouldn’t understand what was happening next.

So far, according to IMDb, during opening weekend the film made $811,166 (USA) (7 March 2014) and in gross cash the movie has made $51,909,825 (USA) (6 May 2014).

A bit of trivia from IMDb is that Jeff Goldblum plays Vilmos Kovacs, a tribute to cinematographers László Kovács andVilmos Zsigmond.

A goof from the film is when Serge X. is serving the guests at the reading of Madame D.’s will, he is standing still in one shot, serving ice in the next and then again standing still as he was prior to serving the ice, according to IMDb.

Here’s a memorable quote from the movie courtesy of IMDb: “Mr. Moustafa: To be frank, I think his world had vanished long before he ever entered it – but, I will say: he certainly sustained the illusion with a marvelous grace!”

STAY FOR THE CREDITS: Near the end of the credits, an animated figure does a Russian dance, according to IMDb – I wouldn’t know because I left after the credits began rolling, so stay and check it out for yourself – I hope it is worth your while.

Movie Review: ‘Draft Day’

By Matt Lewis
Executive Editor

Draft Day‘ with Kevin Costner, Chadwick Boseman and Jennifer Garner was about football — in a word. The film was excellent in another word. It was fun and funny. It had a few heavy moments mixed in like a great bag of nuts.

The cast was spot on for their parts and I couldn’t have asked for a better performance from Denis Leary, but his character wasn’t nearly as dead-pan funny as I would’ve hoped.

What brought this film together nicely was the sense of urgency, the drama. It was a guy sports movie, but it had a baby-element and a love interest for a date night movie too.

It was a good flick and I would highly recommend the film. What you couldn’t say about the movie though is that it was perfect. It fumbled a few times. It dragged on in parts where they could have shortened it a bit. We got that there was wheeling-and-dealing going on by Mr. Costner’s character.

Ms. Garner’s character brought a sense of reason and order to an otherwise chaotic football exec (Costner’s character). She was also with the Cleveland Brown’s franchise and wanted to help make his life and his job easier; but there were times where those two crazy kids didn’t seem like they’d make it.

The clock is a metaphor for the movie. As the time in the game clock to lock in their draft picks goes down so too does the clock on this short, 109 minute picture. The attention span of sports fans is short – I presume – so I also presume that’s why the length of the film is shorter.

Mr. Leary’s Head Coach character decides to break the mold and challenge Mr. Costner’s character at every turn. What you don’t know is that they really and metaphorically are on the same team.

SPOILER ALERT: This is a Disney-esq movie and everything works out happy in the end. No surprises here. Even from the beginning we are fully aware that this will be the outcome.

If there is anything else you want to know about this movie just email me @ gilbertgumption@gmail.com … thanks for reading.

Movie Review: ‘Transcendence’

By Matt Lewis
Executive Editor

The movie ‘Transcendence’ takes the audience on a cerebral journey through the ethics and perils of artificial intelligence or A.I. The film runs about 120 minutes and has mixed reviews.

I personally am still making up my mind on whether or not I like the movie. It was a fascinating look at how everything would play out in a future scenario where technology ruled the world. I am not pro or con when it comes to A.I., but I am a fan of technology in moderation – not ruling the world.

What shall humans do if we ever lose control of our planet to the machine inside ourselves the movie posits. Johnny Depp explores this character very well as Dr. Will Caster.

The movie makes sense and is fairly linear in it’s plot line, but I’m not sure I like the ending — it leaves a little to be desired in the way of a conclusion, but hey maybe that was the director’s intent.

What doesn’t make sense in this movie is how they could have tailored this any more perfectly to me. It began in Berkley, Calif. one of my favorite places (even though I’ve never been) and had Sunflowers, one of my favorite flowers (because they remind me of my grandparents’ farm in Kansas).

‘Transcendence’ certainly takes the audience on a journey worth seeing, but I’m not sure you’ll leave the theatre fully satisfied.

I like movies that make you think as much as the next college graduate, but I am also not one for heavy dramas which this film was.

What can we do if technology comes for us, well the movie and I both agree — we fight back, no questions asked. This Earth was here for organic life first and should remain that way.

We can do a lot of amazing things with technology – take this blog for example, but we must heed the warning signs.

Movie Review: ‘The Other Woman’

By Matt Lewis
Executive Editor

I saw ‘The Other Woman’ the other day and it was a fantastic rom-com. It had a great appeal for the masses. Kate Upton brought in the younger crowd, Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz brought in a slightly older crowd. And the attractive male lead and secondary were for the ladies viewing pleasure.

The guilty pleasure for men was the obvious slow-mo running scene of Ms. Upton. The lack of subtlety did not distract too much from the movie-going experience.

Everyone could enjoy this film because there were high and low-brow jokes. There was also a deep connection developed between audience and the characters – they were relatable in other words.

Ms. Mann played the same washed up, whinny role she played in ‘This is 40′ but hey who am I to say change a good thing once you’ve got it. As far as Ms. Diaz brought the heat. She was fierce with a capital ‘F’.

The movie was more than funny or one with great little nuggets of wisdom. It explored a wide array of human emotion and took a cerebral look in to the human mind and how it deals with infidelity.

I personally have considered going with friends to re-watch the movie; it was that good.

What makes this film endearing is Ms. Mann’s character, the wife of the slime-ball who cheats wherever he goes. The man in the movie is despicable, but he’s not a total villain, which is a great change of pace.

I won’t give away anything in the movie, but I will say it is worth checking out for yourself.

Featured Image -- 3155

David Ortiz parodied on “Saturday Night Live”

Originally posted on HardballTalk:

Red Sox DH David Ortiz was parodied by Kenan Thompson on the most recent episode of “Saturday Night Live.” It’s not the best impression and some are even calling it ethnic stereotyping. You decide …

[nbcsports_video src=http://player.theplatform.com/p/NnzsPC/widget/select/sTJH0XN2xBxY?form=html width=620 height=339]

Ortiz, for what it’s worth, offered a stamp of approval Sunday on Twitter …

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Featured Image -- 3153

Welcome to the open source renaissance

Originally posted on Gigaom:

In the span of just a few years, open source has produced businesses that are incredibly attractive to the investment community. In 2012, open source venture investment jumped 80 percent over the prior year with $553 million invested, compared to $307 million in 2011. VCs have flocked to darlings like MongoDB, Open Stack, Cloudera, Puppet Labs and Hortonworks because these companies are solving incredibly difficult challenges in the cloud and big data arena faster than any proprietary software vendor could.

So why the big increase in interest now? Open source software has been around for years, in many cases implemented on the fringes by developers who prefer the freedom and flexibility of contributing to the evolution of the platforms with which they choose to work. There were even early glimmers of promise; for example, Linux proved to be a fast, effective server platform for many businesses before it grew…

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The Nkuringo Mountain Gorilla babies

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Here are a few more shots of mountain gorillas from the edge of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda.  There are two youngsters in the troop of 14 that are under the age of 2.






See the rest of the photos here or check out the video of the gorillas.

If you re interested in viewing mountain gorillas please contact us from the contact page or go to our partners website to get more details.

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Javier Baez on AAA disabled list with ankle injury

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From Cubs beat writer Patrick Mooney of CSNChicago.com …

It sounds like a sprain, which shouldn’t sideline Baez for more than a couple weeks. The top prospect was off to a sluggish start this year with the Iowa Cubs, batting just .154 with a .637 OPS and 10 strikeouts in eight games played. He hit .310 with five home runs in 42 at-bats this spring in the Cactus League.

Baseball Prospectus ranked Baez the No. 4 prospect in the game this winter.

The 21-year-old should be up in the majors by the end of the 2014 season.

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Serge Ibaka T’d up for getting in ref’s face after foul call against Pacers (VIDEO)

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This probably should have been an ejection.

In the third quarter of Sunday’s contest between the Thunder and the Pacers, Serge Ibaka committed an obvious foul by shoving C.J. Watson out of bounds. The referee whistled him for it, and for some reason, Ibaka appeared to snap.

He walked quickly toward the official and yelled something right in his face, as Kevin Durant tried to hold him back before yanking him away.

The official did a nice job of keeping his composure while giving Ibaka just a single technical foul for his action, but it was a pretty aggressive display. If Ibaka should face a fine from the league office in the coming days, it wouldn’t at all be a surprise.

[via Anthony Slater]

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Amazon A9’s VP of Search heads to Apple to fix up Maps search

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Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 1.27.43 AM

Benoit Dupin, Vice President of Amazon A9’s Search Technology group, has left the high-profile search technology firm to take up a job with Apple. Dupin’s profile from Amazon A9’s executive management website disappeared this week, and his LinkedIn profile has been updated to reflect that he began his position as a director at Apple this month.

Amazon A9 is Amazon’s Palo Alto, California-based subsidiary that focuses on developing Amazon’s marquee search and advertising functionality. While Amazon has become popular in the tablet, eBook reader, and now set-top-box worlds, its core business has, of course, been Amazon.com, and Dupin’s work on search powers the heart of the online sales giant…

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Connecticut Wins NCAA Title, 60-54 Over Kentucky

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ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) ? Shabazz Napier scored 22 points and Connecticut won its second NCAA title in four years, beating all thoseKentuckyfreshmen 60-54 in the championship game Monday night.

Napier is among three UConn seniors who were part of the Huskies’ 2011 title. That trio stayed after coach Jim Calhoun’s retirement even when the Huskies were ineligible for the NCAA tournament last season.

They came back strong in coach Kevin Ollie’s second season, and the Huskies (32-8) went all the way to their fourth overall title.

Kentucky(29-11), with five freshmen starters, never led in the championship game.

The Wildcats missed 11 of 24 free throws, while the Huskies were perfect on 10 tries.

( Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)

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Avoid Stagnation: Acceleration Trumps Incubation

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Editor’s note:   Bill Aulet is the managing director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and a senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management . He is the author of the recently released book, Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup

Interest in startup accelerators and incubators has exploded in the past several years, but how effective have they been? One thing that has become clear is that “incubator” and “accelerator” refer to two very different models for startup workspaces, and the distinctions may have significant effects on startup success.

The key distinctions between incubators and accelerators are time period and structure. An incubator gives startups workspace and community at an affordable rate for an indefinite time period. Accelerators generally have workspace and a cohort that forms a community. They are run over a fixed time period with some significant degree of structure with…

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Meet the hardware, software and science projects bound for the International Space Station this month

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After problems forced a delay from a scheduled launch this weekend, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to take off later this month carrying nearly 5,000 pounds of precious cargo headed to the International Space Station, including the equipment for more than 150 experiments. Here’s a look at five of the more interesting projects that will be on board.


OPALS at a NASA test facility last year. Photo courtesy of Jim Grossmann/NASA. OPALS at a NASA test facility last year. Photo courtesy of Jim Grossmann/NASA.

The Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science will use a laser to communicate with a NASA station on Earth. Laser beams can send data at a much higher rate than traditional radio frequency transmissions. Sending more data at faster rates will be essential as our exploration of the universe moves farther and farther away from Earth.

NASA’s main challenge will be accurately positioning the laser to point at its target. The agency will test OPALS by sending…

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Missing jet: Not a hijacking but ‘deliberate’ action, PM says

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(CNN) — The Malaysian Prime Minister stopped short of calling the disappearance of Flight 370 a hijacking, but he said Saturday that the jet veered off course, likely due to deliberate action taken by someone aboard.

With that revelation on Day 8, the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane refocused on the crew and passengers and widened to a larger swath of geography.

The passenger jetliner disappeared March 8, en route from the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, China.

“Evidence is consistent with someone acting deliberately from inside the plane,” Prime Minister Najib Razak said, officially confirming the plane’s disappearance was not caused by an accident.

“Despite media reports that the plane was hijacked, we are investigating all major possibilities on what caused MH370 to deviate,” he said.

Military radar showed the jetliner flew in a westerly direction back over the peninsula before turning northwest toward the Bay…

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Jason Motte faces hitters for first time since Tommy John surgery

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Jason Motte isn’t expected to join the Cardinals bullpen until May, but he took an important step yesterday in his recovery from Tommy John surgery, as Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatchreports that the bearded reliever faced live hitters for the first time in a year.

Motte threw about 20 pitches to a group of Cardinals minor leaguers. While he wasn’t happy with his control, that’s not unexpected at this point of the rehab process. The most important thing is that he felt good.

“It was definitely more intense,” said Motte, who is recovering from elbow reconstruction surgery. “It was more effort, more adrenaline than just throwing a bullpen (session). It felt good. It feels good now. It’s not like I walked off the mound and it was miserable.

“Each day we’re taking steps forward and today was a big step.”

Assuming Motte bounces back OK, the plan…

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Mega Millions jackpot swells to $400 million

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CHICAGO (AP) _ The Mega Millions jackpot has grown to an estimated $400 million.

No one matched all six numbers in Friday night’s drawing. The numbers were 7-20-40-54-69, with a Mega Ball of 12. Friday’s $353 million prize would have been the fifth-largest jackpot in the multistate lottery game’s history.

The next drawing is Tuesday.

The jackpot has been rolling since January 3. The biggest lottery prize in the U.S. was a $656 million dollar Mega Millions jackpot in 2012.

Mega Millions changed its rules in October to help increase jackpots by lowering the odds of winning the top prize. That means the chances of winning the jackpot are now about 1 in 259 million. It used to be about 1 in 176 million.

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Daily Prompt: Pour Some Sugar Over Me


How did you celebrate #PiDay? Share with us on #Twitter and @Facebook! :-)

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What is your favorite sweet thing to eat? Bread pudding? Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies? A smooth and creamy piece of cheesecake? Tell us all about the anticipation and delight of eating your favorite dessert. Not into sweets? Tell us all about your weakness for that certain salty snack.

Waffles with apples and cream

I have lots of favourites but am a little choosy. I like to know what it contains and I like the ingredients to be the best, so my taste in sweet might be a little expensive. This wonderwork of desert in the photo was really made by me. My monthly cooking magazine had developed a new kind of mould for making waffles complete with book on “How to make”. They were manufactured from silicon, a sort of rubbery new development in backing forms, so I decided to try it out. With some stewed apples (from my tree of course) and whipped cream…

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Moff Is A Wearable Bluetooth Bangle For Kids That Adds Sound-Effects To Everyday Play

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And the award for cutest wearable goes to… Moff! A smart bangle for kids that’s being developed by — you guessed it — a Japanese company (such kawaii) on a mission to transform boring everyday objects into toys with sound effects.

The Moff wearable is a slap band — i.e. no need to fiddle with fastenings; you just slap it against your wrist and it wraps around. The band then links up to an iOS device via Bluetooth 4.0 to allow for different sound effects to be chosen via the corresponding Moff app. (An Android app is apparently also in the works). 

The band contains accelerometers and gyros so it can sense a range of movements of the Moff wearer and translate them into sounds. Such as an air guitar strum, a magic wand twirl, a toy gun recoil, and so on.

The band contains an exchangeable coin battery that’s…

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FBI offers $20,000 for return of missing toddler Myra Lewis

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MADISON COUNTY, Mississippi — More than a week ago, a 2-year-old girl with a wide grin and butterfly barrettes in her hair vanished in Mississippi.

Authorities hope she’s still alive, and are offering a $20,000 reward for her return.

Myra Lewis was reported missing by her family on March 1 after playing with her sister outside their home in Camden, the FBI said.

She was last seen about 11 a.m. the same day wearing white or khaki pants, a turquoise sweater adorned with a bear, and pink tennis shoes. Myra is 37 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds.

“Since her disappearance was reported, multiple state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies have participated in a massive, collaborative search effort,” the FBI Office in Jackson said.

“Significant resources have been dedicated to this investigation, including extensive ground and air searches, and utilization of specially trained search teams.”

Despite the effort, the toddler…

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True Lies 10: Reality Sucks

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Back in 2004 my wife and I owned a house on Hilton Head Island.  Real estate was booming and it seemed everyone was a mortgage broker offering great terms.  A guy who did some painting on our house also offered to broker a mortgage for us.  Back in those days, being self-employed, I could get a no-income-verified loan.  I know—shocking in the current environment, eh?  I had to sign over my liver and kidneys and heart to get my current mortgage.  And pay well above the going rate.

My wife reads the NY Times every day.  The paper version.  All of it.  I mean everything in it.  And she remembers what she reads.  I keep track of numbers.  And we both started to notice some disturbing things in 2003 into 2004:

  1. Mortgages were way too easy to get.
  2. The Fed was at 0%.  It couldn’t go lower.  It could only…

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Unclaimed money held by national treasurers may belong to you

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It may sound too good to be true, but you could have some cash waiting for you, with no strings attached.

The latest numbers from the National Association of State Treasurers show states are holding billions of dollars of unclaimed cash.

The money comes from old bank accounts, utility deposits and un-redeemed money orders, among other things.

Click here to find out if any of that unclaimed money belongs to you.

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NYC Investor Metamorphic Raises $70 Million For Super Seed Fund

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Metamorphic Ventures , the New York-based seed fund behind startups like the crowdfunding hit Indiegogo , has raised $70 million for a new super-seed fund.

As follow-on rounds get larger and bigger investors begin dipping down to take stakes at earlier stages, the fund, which had previously raised $20 million, realized it needed to super-size to hold on to its stakes in winning companies, according to managing partner and co-founder David Hirsch.

“We didn’t want to lose the potential for farming it all away,” said Hirsch, previously Google’s number two employee in New York. “We want to be able to take advantage of the market between seed and Series A. [And] we wanted to have the ability to infuse more capital post seed and build better positions before people go out for the mega-rounds.”

Metamorphic isn’t the first firm to raise a bigger war chest for investments — even at…

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Angry outbursts can harm your heart

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[ooyala code=”Zmd2M0bDq7Z1CbjF6QD8KXYb7f_pKrB_” player_id=”c660b791c3704ff69d4162d7adb7c4a1″]

(KTVI) – Do you get angry? Do you get angry often? Those outbursts may help you let off steam and perhaps make you feel better, but they may be doing more harm than good.

Dr. Michael Lim, a cardiologist with Saint Louis University Hospital, talked about how anger outbursts harm your heart.

For more information: www.heart.sluhospital.com

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March reading roundup #1

Originally posted on cakes, tea and dreams:

tbr table books march 2014

Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, Mason Currey
A fascinating compendium of the daily routines of dozens of writers, artists, composers and other creatives. So many addictions and lots of creative torment, but a surprising number of these folks found that day jobs kept them sane (and enabled them to eat). As a writer with a day job, I get that. Recommended by Anne.

Mary Poppins, P.L. Travers
I’ve seen the movie many times but finally decided to read the book after seeing Saving Mr. Banks. The book contains some familiar incidents (Uncle Albert, the Bird Lady, etc.), but Mary Poppins herself is quite different from Julie Andrews’ character. Fun, but I honestly prefer the film version.

Americanah, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
I read Adichie’s debut, Purple Hibiscus, in college and found it moving and troubling. Americanah is more sweeping, more powerful, sometimes wryly funny. It…

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Canon City police investigating triple homicide

Originally posted on FOX31 Denver:

CANON CITY, Colo. — Police in Canon City are looking into a triple homicide after three bodies were found in a home Sunday night.

The Canon City Police Department said in a release it responded to a report of sexual assault by a teenage girl in the 1100 block of Phay Avenue.

The release adds “investigating officers found in the home the bodies of three persons.”

One person of interest was found at the home and was detained.

A news conference will be held later Monday morning.

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Fatal motorcycle crash in Cedar Hill

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imperial_00001 (KTVI) – Investigators are on the scene of what appears to be a fatal accident in Jefferson County.

The accident is on State Route B at Ridge Road just after 5 a.m.   Authorities believe a man riding a motorcyclist was hit.

Unconfirmed reports indicate the motorcyclist was hit by a dump truck that left the scene. We will bring you more details as they become available.

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Unwired Planet Files Mobile Patent Suits Against Google, Samsung, Huawei, HTC In The UK, Germany

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

While existing Android patent suits between the likes of Samsung and Apple continue to drag on in Europe, Unwired Planet, the patent enforcement entity that acquired 2,400 wireless patents from Ericsson last year, looks like it is putting that IP to work. Today it announced that it has filed parallel infringement actions in the Patents Court of the High Court of Justice, London, United Kingdom and in the Landgericht (District Court), Dusseldorf, Germany.

The UK lawsuit is against Samsung, Google and Huawei and covers six UK patents related to “2G/3G/4G telecommunication standards and push notification technology underpinning the Android ecosystem.”

The lawsuit in Germany extends also to HTC and involves the German equivalents of those same patents.

Unwired Planet says that the suits are being filed “expedite” ongoing discussions with the parties (in other words, sounds like things were dragging on in licensing negotiations, so now UP is getting heavy).

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Andrew Bynum says he could play for Pacers on Friday in Philly

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Andrew Bynum wants to get out on the court for the Pacers, who signed him as a free agent after Cleveland cut bait. Bynum has been clear about his desire to play. You can try to decipher his motivation for yourself (*cough* next year’s contract *cough*) but as a guy with size, skill and a couple rings he could be a help if focused. And with the Pacers on a four-game losing streak, they could use some help.

Bynum’s return could happen as soon as next Friday — in Philadelphia. The city where the fans were excited when he was traded there then turned on him as he never played (but did go bowling). Santa Claus got a warmer welcome in Philly than Bynum would.

Bynum has worked to strengthen his knee played 5-on-5 in practice… but he’s done that before and not suited up. Management is being a little…

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Most iPhone 6 concept videos are silly, this one could be fairly accurate [Poll]

Originally posted on 9to5Mac:

There are a lot of very silly iPhone 6 concept images and videos around, from convex curves that maximize reflections and vulnerability to damage, to completely transparent phones (invisible batteries and circuit boards are the new black, apparently). This concept by Sam Beckett isn’t terribly exciting, but it is likely reasonably close to what we might expect Apple to do … 

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Illinois State Police to conduct night patrols in March

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LITCHFIELD, IL. (KTVI) – The Illinois State Police is going to conduct night enforcement patrols  in March, looking for drivers operating cars unsafely, driving on  suspended or revoked licenses, driving with open alcoholic beverages, driving under the influence and not wearing seat belts

Alcohol and drug use is suspected in nearly 40 percent of all fatal crashes in Illinois.

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Jamal Crawford says he returned too soon from injury, plans to sit Monday vs. Suns

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Jamal Crawford missed three straight games for the Clippers due to a calf injury, before trying to give it a go on Saturday against the Hawks.

But Crawford didn’t last long before realizing he wasn’t yet ready to return, and now believes he came back too soon.

From Arash Markazi of ESPN Los Angeles:

Clippers guard Jamal Crawford, who returned Saturday after a three-game absence, said he may have returned too soon and will miss at least Monday’s game against the Phoenix Suns as he recovers from a strained left calf.

Crawford played only 10 minutes in the first half of Saturday’s 109-108 win over the Atlanta Hawks but sat on the bench the entire second half as his left calf was heavily taped. He missed both of his shot attempts and finished with three points and one assist.

“I just have to get it stronger because I don’t want the same pain to continue…

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New leads explored in hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines flight

Originally posted on FOX2now.com:

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — The mysteries surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and the true identities of some of its passengers, are as deep as the southeast Asian waters where multinational search teams are searching for the jet.

Navies from two of Malaysia’s neighbors were pursuing new leads as Sunday turned into Monday in southeast Asia.

Vietnam’s navy has spotted a floating object about 80 kilometers (50 miles) southwest of Vietnam’s Tho Chu Island, which is located off the country’s southwest coast in the Gulf of Thailand, Vietnam National Search and Rescue Committee Spokesman Hung Nguyen told CNN. The object was spotted by a Vietnamese navy rescue aircraft at about 7:30 a.m. ET Sunday (6:30 p.m. local time). Due to the dark, the navy aircraft could not get close enough to identify the floating object, and was recalled to base. Three search and rescue boats have since been…

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’12 Years a Slave’ screenwriter John Ridley talks supposed beef with Steve McQueen

Originally posted on Inside Movies:

[ew_image url=”http://img2.timeinc.net/ew/i/2014/03/08/JOHN-RIDLEY.jpg” credit=”Kevin Winter/Getty Images” align=”left”]Since his Oscar win for Best Adapted Screenplay for 12 Years a Slave, John Ridley has been busy enough to tune out much of the rumor mill. He’s been in Austin since shooting the pilot American Crime for ABC, and promoting the U.S. premiere of the Hendrix biopic Jimi: All Is By My Side at SXSW. But he knows that failing to thank 12 Years director Steve McQueen in his acceptance speech, and the seemingly chilly body language between the two of them on the big night, sparked countless stories of behind-the-scenes beef.

“I do regret it,” says Ridley of his omission. “But just 24 hours earlier at the Spirit Awards I sincerely went on and on about Steve and my work with him. You know, the guy changed my life. At the Oscars you have 30 seconds to talk and it’s like the oxygen…

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White House invites the crowd to fight patent trolls, but it won’t solve the problem

Originally posted on Gigaom:

Patent trolls are a gaping wound on the innovation economy. Despite growing evidence about the trolls’ economic damage, the U.S. government is still grasping for ways to stop them, and to fix the country’s dysfunctional patent system.

On Thursday, the White House plunged forward with a new series of measures intended to curtail the troll plague that is siphoning money from productive companies while producing nothing of value. The plan is clever, relying on crowdsourcing tactics to expose trolls and bad patents. Unfortunately, it won’t kill the trolls.

Here’s an overview of the new troll-fighting tactics and what they will — and won’t — do to fix the patent problem.

Trolls and transparency

The details, set out in a fact sheet, includes an “online toolkit aimed at empowering consumers .. [that] will include information and links to services and websites.”

That toolkit will be powered in part by websites like Lex…

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Top jobs of the week in tech: Zappos.com, Threadless and more

Originally posted on Gigaom:

While your next job probably won’t pay in Bitcoins, it just got one step closer to reality with the planned rollout of Bitcoin ATMs. In other news, the readers of Gigaom chose their favorite new startups for the Structure Data Awards. And until building cool things with Legos starts paying the bills, check out the weekly jobs review here:

We also have other listings from companies like Target, Microsoft, Shell Oil and more. Click here to see what else is on our job board.

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How a pomegranate inspired a new lithium ion battery design

Originally posted on Gigaom:

The lithium ion battery could get a boost from the humble pomegranate. According to researchers at Stanford, including Amprius founder Yi Cui, and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, clustering tiny silicon particles in a hard carbon rind — like seeds in a pomegranate — could be a helpful design breakthrough for using silicon in the next generation of lithium ion batteries.

A lithium-ion battery — the standard being used in gadgets today — is made up of three pieces: an anode, a cathode and an electrolyte that shuttles lithium-ions between the cathode and anode. That shuttling process is what happens when you charge and discharge a battery.

pomegranate battery

Scientists have long wanted to use silicon in the anode of a lithium ion battery because it can hold more energy per given volume than the traditional graphite that is commonly used — so a silicon anode battery could be smaller and…

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Mingle @ The Mix Up Bar

By Matt Lewis


After an evening of drinks, mingling and thinking I believe I’ve fully digested all the Royal Palms Resort & Spa and the Arizona Foothills Magazine (AFM) had to offer with this event.

After a vote of their peers, 21 Phoenicians were named most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. I would have to agree with most if not all of their choices, but I do know of one fascinating young woman who was “robbed” of the title, but alas I digress.

The event was very low-key and offered a wide array of folks — the 20-something crowd who is hip, hot and single; the 30’s and 40’s crowd looking for professional business contacts and everyone in between.

I met quite a few beautiful and accomplished women and would talk to as many as I could muster the courage to approach — which was about seven.

What brought me to this event you may ask? A Facebook invite and also a mutual friend was going to be there and I wanted to met them in-person because I felt they were going places in politics — something I hope to always have an ear to the ground with when it comes to being a journalist who is informed.

I must applaud the AFM for hosting such a elegant and wonderful event. There were free champagne and hors d’oeuvres, as well as a bar to get “liquid-courage.”

While in the Men’s Room, I got a question from a gentleman I met at the event. He asked if I would be writing about my experience that night. I laughed and told him “probably.” He said it was a great event to observe people in an unassuming habitat. I agreed.

It made me think of my favorite place to people watch –> the airport. If you ever get bored at the airport, just start people watching and imagine their stories and why they’re going and where they may be from and more of their story.

Thanks for listening to my rant on a mix and mingle that was designed for people just like me. Have a great day.

*** This story was updated for style errors on Thursday, Feb. 20 at 3:14 p.m. ***

#AuthorsInk is 1 #Exclusive #Inc.

Former U-N.C. Prof. Speaks about the great Authors of the American West

Staff Report

CHANDLER — Elliot Engel, a retired professor from the Raleigh, N.C. area, and about 130 or so Q-tips (retirees) – as well as some other working-class folks – took Scottsdale by storm on Wednesday night to kick-off a week-long speaker series about the great ‘Wild West’. The subjects of his many scheduled talks included the authors and individuals who wrote about and/or shaped this sometimes desolate, often picturesque landscape. The speaker series is taking place this week at the Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center. The reception was Wednesday night near the elegantly lit patio/pool area. White string lights adorned the trees as if to signal an extended Christmas season.There was an Hor d’Oeurves reception and a cash-bar.

Engel, who has regular ‘groupies’, does not let his minor celebrity status go to his pre-frontal cortex. He begins the reception glad-handing those in attendance and has a genuine smile and a kind word to all his supporters. His attention was equally split between those who were experiencing their first ‘rodeo’ with Engel as the keynote speaker to the staunch #TeamEngel supporters. The #GilbertGumption #E.I.C. @M.A. Lewis, his #father and his #maternal #grandparents were also among the guests.

The word savant is not tossed around lightly, especially when one literary critic refers to another (Engel); but Lewis thinks he might only be a few shades of grey from being one if he is not academically classed as one now.

Porous were the ideas flowing from this brilliant man’s mind. By the end of his first address on Geronimo, the audience was hanging on every word. He inextricably wove some of the following literary and oral devices as he began sinking his ‘speaking talons’ in the audience:

  • Jokes
  • Metaphors
  • Interesting Perspective
  • Lingustic and Oral Histories
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You Don’t Need to Be a Sexter to Want a Self-Destructing Message Service

Originally posted on Tech:

The January hack attack on Snapchat outraged its users, 4.6 million of whom entrusted their personal information to the self-destructing messaging service, only to find their names and phone numbers had been leaked and made searchable on a well-meaning, creepy-looking website. It outraged tech reporters, who lambasted the company for its unapologetic response. One Wall Street Journal writer even proposed a boycott of Snapchat.

But amid the chorus of anger rose one discordantly joyful voice: Nico Sell, co-founder of Wickr and a hungry competitor to Snapchat. “We are happy to see 50 percent more growth this year since the hack,” she wrote via her own self-destructing message service. “Kabooooommmmmmmmmm!” she added. Six seconds later a fireball engulfed the message in animated flames and smoke, wiping it clean from all devices for good, she says. The future of her business depends on it.

(MORE:Snapchat Promises Security Fixes After…

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Hacker Steals All of Silk Road’s $2 Million Bitcoins

Originally posted on Tech:

The latest incarnation of Silk Road, an illicit goods Internet marketplace that was shut down by the FBI in October, has been hacked and had all of its bitcoins stolen.

According to Defcon, a pseudonymous administrator for the site, the attacker exploited a vulnerability in the Bitcoin protocol known as “transaction malleability,” and users reportedly lost bitcoins at the value of over $2 million. The same method was used in an attack on several major bitcoin exchanges earlier in the week, although no money was lost then.

Other black-market web portals have struggled to take up the role of Silk Road in the past months, with Dutch authorities recently taking down a site called Utopia.

Last week, Ross Ulbricht denied all charges of being the creator of Silk Road in a Manhattan court, and he has filed a claim on seized bitcoins valued at over $20 million.

[Business Insider

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Wladimir Balentien apologizes to his team for his arrest

Originally posted on HardballTalk:

Wladimir Balentien — recently arrested for domestic violence and false imprisonment — gave a press conference yesterday in which he apologized to the Yakult Swallows and their fans:

“I’m here in front of you guys today because, first of all, I just want to apologize to my fans, I want to apologize to the Yakult Swallows fans, I want to apologize to the organization, the Yakult Swallows, and I want to apologize to my teammates for all the stuff that’s going on. I’m glad I’m here today on time for starting spring training. I’m going to do my best this year—try to be [the best] player I can and help my team to win a lot of ballgames this year. Those are my goals”

Japan’s single-season home run champ reiterated that he was happy to have made camp on time and now is focused on getting ready for the season.

And thank…

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Google Chrome Launches Virtual LEGO Land

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Google and LEGO have launched an insidious plot, er, app that lets users play with virtual LEGO bricks in their web browsers during work hours while deadlines are rapidly approaching.

Google unveiled the productivity-sapping feature, “Build With Chrome,” on Tuesday. Users can stack, rotate and snap a variety of bricks onto a virtual pad, powered by WebGL, a 3D graphics technology for web browsers.

And suppose you’ve lost months building an impossibly elaborate choo choo train? You can publish your creation on this Google map, which is rapidly filling up with monuments to time creatively wasted.

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One Shot: Battle Evome Round 2 – The Winter War

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The brisk grounds of Tsukuba played host to the second round of Battle Evome this morning, and as quickly as it came, the battle has ended.  While not all contenders came out unscathed, a good amount came up on personal bests or some very fast times.  This is quite the contrary to what the first round resulted (thanks be to warmer track temps).  I think I’ll take a different approach to covering Evome this year; an approach I think you will all enjoy.

Stay tuned for in depth look at the cars that make up the grassroots time attack scene in Japan.


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Incipio Cashwrap Case Gives Your iPhone NFC Capabilities

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Mobile accessory manufacturer Incipio recently unveiled the Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case, a protective shell for iPhone devices that also offers near-field communication (NFC) capability.

The case is meant to interface with the Isis Mobile Wallet app, a Google Wallet competitor, to allow for mobile payments at select retail locations. It is compatible with the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S.

NFC technology is often associated with mobile payments. Android phones typically have NFC built in to allow for tap-to-pay functionality at certain major retailers. The concept is simple – you connect a bank account via an app, then give your phone permission to act as your credit card.

Apple, meanwhile, seems to have intentionally rejected NFC technology. The company hasn’t bothered to include it in any of its flagship iPhone devices, and its recently implemented iBeacon technology seems to be a direct NFC competitor.

Personally, I’m not sure…

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South Africa’s Mxit takes on WhatsApp in India

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The South African messaging app Mxit is moving into the booming Indian market, with the hope of grabbing some share from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

WhatsApp is the most popular app in India with over 30 million users in that country alone. Mxit is much smaller, boasting 6.4 million users in its native South Africa and around a million elsewhere.

WeChat is probably a better point of comparison for Mxit than WhatsApp, however, as both Mxit and WeChat act as platforms for other apps (the same can arguably be said for Facebook(s fb) Messenger, currently number 2 in the Indian market, if you view it as an entry point to the wider Facebook). All effectively act as social networks, which — along with their effect on traditional SMS revenues — makes their development very interesting to watch.

Also interesting: again like WeChat, Mxit has its own virtual…

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Jazz Age January: Farewell to Arms

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Moving away from lavish parties, exuberant lifestyles and Wall Street, “Farewell to Arms” is an anti-war book published in 1929 by World War One veteran Ernest Hemingway.

Set in Italy during the war, the book details the military experiences of Frederic Henry, an American who volunteered with the Italian ambulance services, and his romantic relationship with nurse Catherine Barkley. Wartime love stories have time and time again tugged at the heartstrings of readers, particularly at moments of separation when Henry was forced to leave for the war front leaving Catherine behind.

Yet “Farewell to Arms” elevates this love story to the next level by drawing upon Hemmingway’s personal experiences to express the brutality of war in a subtle but brilliant manner. As the Italian army retreated in disarray, the actual frenzy could be seen through the demoralization of the solders’ spirits, inside their crumbling minds, emotions and lives.

“I had…

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Sounding the Arizonan (Classroom) Alarm Bells












BY: Cary L. Tyler
Guest Contributor & Author of DoThGrin BLOG

Do not let the state end up like your neighbor to the east.

According to an article from Kris Nielsen, just before New Year’s Day, New Mexico had nearly 400 teacher positions open.

Just to make sure one does not think this is a typo, let me write it again: 400.  The largest school district, Albuquerque Public Schools, had 170 positions open.

Here is a link to this article: http://atthechalkface.com/2013/12/12/teachers-fleeing-new-mexico-districts/, plus another one reinforcing the argument from an Albuquerque writer: http://www.dukecityfix.com/profiles/blogs/no-teachers-won-t-stage-a-walk-out-but-next-fall-might-bring-a

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Facebook data scientists predict total Princeton depletion within 7 years

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The Princeton research that used a disease model to suggest Facebook(s fb) would lose 80 percent of its users in 3 years deserved the hammering it got – it’s simply a bad analogy for the subject. But now a bunch of data scientists from Facebook itself have stepped up to the plate, dryly using the researchers’ own methodology to prove that Princeton enrollment will have depleted entirely by 2021, and the air around us by 2060. Luckily I’m done with my studies, but I’m pretty annoyed about the breathing thing. Damn you, badly-chosen search data and your extrapolations!

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Netflix grows, Beats Music launch woes and disparity in the Bay Area shows

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On this week’s episode of the Gigaom Show we get into the good, the bad and the ugly of technology. Netflix (s NFLX) reported another strong quarter this week, setting its sites on international expansion and new potential price plans. Famed headphone maker Beats expanded its brand into a new music streaming services, with a few skips in that particular record. And finally, we talk about the increasing disparity in the Bay Area, between the young tech-haves and the-can’t-afford-to-live-here-anymores.

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Hosts: Chris Albrecht, Tom Krazit
Guest: Janko Roettgers

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Netflix wants to introduce three pricing tiers for new members

Beats Music app goes live in the iTunes app store

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4 Signs You Love Your Tech Too Much

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We all love tech here – we did make a website devoted to it, after all. But there’s a fine line between loving your tech and loving your tech too much.

After much consideration, I’ve realized that I fall on the wrong side of the line between tech sanity and tech obsession. I definitely love tech too much. Do you? Here are four warning signs to look out for.

You check your phone in bed

Like most people, when I first wake up in the morning I stretch a bit, get out of bed, brush my teeth, and turn on my coffee maker. Of course, before I do any of that, I use my smartphone. Priorities. And I’m not the only one who does it either: A recent ten-city survey of mobile phone users found that 84% of Americans check a smartphone app first thing in the morning when…

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Santa Claus Recruited to Improve NSA’s Public Image & Head Intelligence Operations

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Lately, Brave New World has become one of the hottest selling novels, and many of us have become even more suspicious of that white panel van that passes our homes daily. Sure it has ice-cream and plays tinkly music, but that cover is so thin Stevie Wonder could see right through it.

After the whole Edward Snowden whistle-blowing debacle earlier this year, the Obama Administration and the Intelligence community have been up to their ears in hot water and bad press. Spying on regular citizens with no cause or warrant? Invading privacy and throwing the 4th Amendment out the window? Reading our e-mails? Monitoring our Internet? Those activities are just the sort that create an image problem.

Thus, sources tell me (sources being the voices in my head) that, in order to get back in the good graces of the American public, the current administration has decided to appoint Santa…

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Smart bike lock Lock8 clears Kickstarter goal and picks up extra funding

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With car-sharing becoming so popular that it’s attracting patent trolls, it’s a logical extension to the concept to have app-enabled bike-sharing schemes, too. And wouldn’t you know it? Here come two at once.

BitlockA couple of a weeks ago, a San Francisco outfit called Mesh Motion hit its $120,000 Kickstarter goal for its Bitlock product. And on Tuesday, British-German outfit VeloLock said it had passed its own £50,000 ($81,000) Lock8 Kickstarter goal ahead of schedule, and also picked up additional funding from Horizon Ventures and Otto Capital.

Both Bitlock and Lock8 are bicycle locks that rely on smartphones rather than physical keys to unlock them. And both smartphone apps allow the sharing of the bike with friends and, in theory, through commercial bike-sharing schemes.

However, there are significant differences – in a nutshell, Lock8 ($149, shipping in July 2014) is a more advanced device than Bitlock ($129, shipping…

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iBuyPower reveals a Steam Machine prototype that won’t break the bank

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The challenge of manufacturing a PC/console hybrid is a really stiff one: How do you develop a console with enough power to push high-end PC graphics without running the cost of the device above consumer’s expectations? While Steam Machine creator Valve has detailed a prototype with impressive guts — including an Nvidia(s nvda) Titan graphics card — that has the potential to cost more than $1000 retail.

But, according to the Verge, third-party hardware developer iBuyPower has revealed a Steam Box prototype to be released sometime in 2014 that strikes that balance, offering a good-quality system for the price of $499 — the same cost as the Xbox One(s msft).

The system, which is said to be roughly between the sizes of the PlayStation 4(s sne) and the Xbox One, has an AMD(s amd) CPU and an AMD Radeon  R9 270 graphics card,  which will be able to…

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Docker goes broader — supporting more Linux distros out of the box

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Docker, the popular container technology that, in theory, lets developers encapsulate their apps and run them on bare metal, virtualized and private or public cloud environments, now supports nearly all the major Linux distributions right out of the box.

Before now, the Docker 0.7 release supported Debian and Ubuntu Linux,  but now Red Hat(s rhat), Suse and Gentoo are added to the mix, the company said. To be clear, developers could run Docker on the other Linux distros before, but that required them  to do some contortions using AnotherUnionFS or AUFS and then recompile their kernel which, let’s face it, could be complicated and not all that invigorating. And, by doing so, they could endanger their RHEL support contract coverage.

The beauty of Docker is that it lets developers keep using the languages and frameworks of their choosing but then deploy their application widely. In that regard, many view it as…

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Role of fiber operators in NSA surveillance scandal falls under greater scrutiny

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The New York Times has published further details of an NSA operation that involves spying on the fiberoptic cables running between the data centers of companies such as Google(s goog) and Yahoo(s yhoo). The piece highlights the role played by Level 3, the company that runs such cables for Google and Yahoo. Level 3 has already been identified as one of the telecommunications firms working with the UK’s NSA partner, GCHQ. These fiber connections are crucial to the affair, as they may provide a way for the NSA and GCHQ to effectively tap into major web firms’ systems without their cooperation.

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