Kate Upton is Pretty and Peachy [Celebrity Chic on the Cheap]

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Kate Upton is quite a polarizing figure. People either seem to worship the ground she Dougies on or wish she would cat daddy right out of the public eye. I think she’s a bit overrated as a model, but I appreciate that she’s down to earth, not afraid to be goofy and seems to be enjoying her life and her time in the spotlight. Her personal style is just as grounded as she is – she totally seems like she’d be more comfortable cruising the mall than rendezvous-ing in haute couture boutiques, which makes her a great college fashion role model.

Kohl’s shirtShopbop skinny jeansEndless flats

No, you do not have to put away your colored denim for fall (if anything, it makes way more sense to rock it now than it did in the middle of Jul). This warm peach color is not only beautiful…

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