Phoenix Suns should focus on present, future

By Derek Evans

The Phoenix Suns are watching this year’s playoffs from home, and if things don’t work out this summer, they could be watching it for a while. Just two years the Suns took the eventual champion Los Angeles Lakers to a hard fought six games series in the Western Conference finals, but that seems so long ago. During that off-season they lost Amare Stoudemire to the Knicks. Then inevitable decline soon followed. Now this off-season Steve Nash is now a free agent. He says he’s considering changing teams. Suns’ fans better hope and pray he doesn’t. Nash has stated he is frustrated with the team’s apparent lack of energy to get talent around – and who could blame him. Nash is still a great premier NBA point guard, but the fact is, he isn’t getting any younger. He desperately wants to win an NBA Championship. Do the Suns have any chance to keep him? Their chances might be better if the team cans Head Coach Alvin Gentry; and maybe replacing him with a familiar face, say former head coach Mike D’Antoni? Would that be enough to keep Nash? Probably not, but it certainly would help. Re-signing Nash is so important for the Suns could set a precedent for the franchise for decades to come. Their ability to attract and retain quality players is paramount to the team’s financial and championship success. If the Suns don’t go out of their way to keep, they will be hard-pressed to find any big-name free-agents in the future.  This is a make-or-break off-season for the Suns. This summer could mean the difference between contending for the playoffs next year or watching from the sidelines year after year.


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