Can the U of A Wildcats do it? Why not?

By Derek Evans

On Saturday, the Arizona Wildcats clinched their way to the College World Series. As a U of A student myself, I can’t help but be excited. College baseball is not on the same level of college sports like college football and basketball. The two sports get far more attention and make a lot more money than college baseball. Your avid college sports fan tell you the winner of the most recent college football national champion and basketball , but there is a good chance he or she doesn’t know who won the college world series last year. The question of if the Wildcats will win the college world series now that they made it, but there’s no reason why they can’t. This team has a great offensive that can come from behind. I watched the game Friday , which was game one of the Super Regionals, which is a three game series, the team was down five to zero in the fourth inning, but they came back to win seven to six. There was a part in the game when the announcers were talking about how disappointed senior designated hitter Bobby Brown was that he didn’t get drafted the week before. No doubt he is motivated to show the Major League Baseball (MLB) scouts wrong. Another huge part of the team is freshman catcher Riley Moore. Having already been drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies last year , he turned down for a chance at the College World Series. The official athletic site for the Wildcats says this is the first time for the team in the College World series since 2004. I don’t know if they will win the whole thing , but if they did it wouldn’t surprise me.


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