Checking Work E-mail Frequently May Raise Heart Rate

By Cheryl Gamachi

On May 4, researchers at UC Irvine had a new study proving that people who check their work email 24/7 have higher stress levels and believe it or not, less focus than workers who don’t check their email for hours.
Researchers examined the heart rate of workers at an office outlying Boston. One group
checked their email regularly and the other was asked to take a ‘five-day email “vacation”’,
according to the Los Angeles Times. The groups wore heart rate monitors taking their heart rate measurements each second throughout the whole study.
It was found by the research team, led by UCI informatics professor Gloria Mark that when the workers were constantly checking work emails, they were in a steady “high alert” heart rate state. When they were taking their email “vacation”, they had a calmer, steadier heart rate.
According to an interview with the Los Angeles Times, “Mark said that for most workers, the idea that we need to be checking email is a myth that we tell ourselves.”
Now in December, the French firm Atos made headlines when the company’s leadership
announced that it would be a zero-email company by 2013.
But according to the Los Angeles Times, Mark said Atos is an exception.


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