Suns Get Assist @ Top of the Rim

 By Derek Evans

Recently the Phoenix Suns singed free agent power forward Luis Scola from the Houston Rockets. This move in no way shape or form makes up for losing Steve Nash, but this is still a good pickup for the Suns. Scola gives the Suns an above average Power Forward, something NBA teams can’t have enough of. ESPN reports that this contract is for three years worth about 12 million dollars. The Suns were able to get him from a new NBA deal called the amnesty clause. Created in the new NBA CBA less than a year ago the amnesty clause lets teams put players on wavier and then teams are allowed to bid on them. I am surprised that no team bid higher for Scola , granted he is not a superstar but he is still a valuable player that can make impacts on teams. showed that last year he averaged 15.5 points per game and 6.5 rebounds per game. This is especially good news for the Suns because not only have they lost Steve Nash , but it is also certain they will lose free agent Grant Hill. The reports are Hill will choice among the Lakers, Heat or Knicks. In a overall very disappointing offseason for the Suns , at least there is a bright spot.


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