Op-Ed: Obama Hits Home-Run W/ New TV Ad

By Derek Evans

There is still a lot of time until Election Day, plenty of time for more attack ads and changes in the polls. To me the election doesn’t really start until the parties have their conventions. Needless to say I think Obama did very well with his latest ad. In the ad it shows Romney singing America the Beautiful, while showing all the jobs he shipped overseas, during his business career and his term as a Governor. So far Romney has been trying to make the point that President Obama is the cause for America’s problems, while President Obama is making the case Governor Romney doesn’t have any answers and things would be much worse under him. I think President Obama so far is winning the argument so far. To me Romney looks like a Republican version of John Kerry. In 2004 John Kerry had a chance to beat George W Bush , but ran a very bad campaign, even worse than the one McCain ran in 2008, in 2008 the only really bad campaign decision McCain made was picking Palin. The odds were just very much stacked against McCain because Americans were so tired of having a Republican in the white house. Still a long way until the election but I think Obama is winning now and this ad is a perfect example of why.

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