Op-Ed: Phoenix Fans May Like ‘Whiter’ Suns Better

By Derek Evans

Recently the Suns lost Josh Childress and picked up Luis Scola making the team appear more “whiter.” Actually Luis Scola isn’t even white he’s from Argentina, but he has a light skin tone. Suns fans may like this, before losing Steve Nash, who is Canadian they were one of the few teams whose’ best player was white. As much as we don’t think race should be a factor in sports and society for that matter the fact is it’s 2012 and race is still a huge factor in American society. The NBA has largely been a professional sports league dominated by African Americans. While Arizona hasn’t been as bad as the south, it hasn’t been that most racially friendly state ever. It was the last state to accept Martin Luther King Jr day has a holiday and the only reason why the state did was so the NFL would let it host the Super Bowl. Two years ago Senate Bill 1070 was passed and as much as its’ supporters claim it isn’t racist, I don’t buy it. I remember shortly after the bill was past the Suns wore their jerseys that said “Los Suns” on them to show their Hispanic support. I’m not saying that all Phoenix Suns fans are racist, but a “whiter” team, at least in the short term might be more appealing to some people.

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