QB Major Concern for AZ Cards

By Derek Evans
Gilbert Gumption Intern

Just two days ago the Arizona Cardinals reported for their training camp, located in Flagstaff, Ariz. on the Northern Arizona University campus. Hard to believe that just four years ago this team made an amazing and shocking run to Super Bowl XLIII (43). This team has two major concerns for the upcoming 2012 season – 1) The defense, according to www.ESPN.com last season they Cardinals ranked 21st in rush-defense and 17th in pass-defense.

The other major concern is the question of who will start for the Cards as quarterback. The major problem for Arizona is the team doesn’t really like either Kevin Kolb or John Skelton. If the team had their way, the starting quarterback would be Peyton Manning. Since Manning’s in Denver (with the Broncos) and the Cards are stuck with Kolb and Skelton.

Kolb had some very good games during his brief time with the Philadelphia Eagles, and because of that I think people prematurely rushed to assume that he was a very good quarterback. Skelton on the other hand was able to gain the Cards some wins last year, which made their season seem more respectful at eight wins and eight losses, when at one point it looked like they could’ve been heading to 2–and–14, or 3–and–13.

It’s very hard to predict who will win the starting job – my guess – Kevin Kolb. He’s making far more money than Skelton; but he will be on a very short leash. Also, if the season is a disappointment – which many fans would consider six wins or less – head coach Ken Whisenhunt might be fired. The season will at least prove to be interesting.


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