If Assad falls, who wins?

National Post | News

UN and Arab League envoy Kofi Annan has warned, “Syria is not Libya — it will not implode, it will explode beyond its borders.” With a bomb recently killing four of President Bashar al-Assad’s inner circle and heavy fighting in Damascus and Aleppo, many experts believe a turning point has been reached in Syria. While it might not be the end-game yet for Mr. Assad, some analysts are considering the implications should he fall — the potential for violence, the shift in the balance of power in the region and the global repercussions. Who would be the likely major winners and losers if Mr. Assad is ousted, asks Michael Higgins.




United States

If Mr. Assad falls without any intervention, the U.S. will get a lot of credit. “Even if it had no effect, it will appear that…

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