SCOTUS Justice Appears on Fox News Sunday Morning

By Matt Lewis, Editor
The Gilbert Gumption

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia appeared on Fox News Sunday and spoke with Chris Wallace. The two spoke about President Barack Obama’s comments on Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission.

In full disclosure, I’m a blue-dog democrat, but I do agree that Mr. Obama was a bit out of line calling out the Supreme Court, while they were sitting mere feet from the foot of the podium. This smack-down took place in 2010 during the president’s State of the Union speech. He could have still voiced his concerns with the decision, rather than calling-out the justices.

While I do appreciate that Mr. Scalia admits the justices are picked based on presidential bias, I still think it is highly inappropriate that Mr. Scalia appeared on the conservative-leaning opinion-based leaning news program. Continue reading


Team USA: Three problems shown in the France blowout


“Problems” are kind of a relative term for Team USA, at least in group play. Talent’s going to carry them pretty far in the opening rounds of Olympic play. But we’re always able to get better. So here are three problems that showed up in Team USA’s win over France.

1. Shooting is going to be OK overall, but it’s worth a note. Team USA shot just 44 percent from 2-point range in the first half, and it took a hot second half to get their three-point shooting to 32 percent. The idea is that even without pure shooters like Eric Gordon on the team that someone will get hot each game, but there has to be some concern. If Kevin Durant’s not on the floor, Team USA struggled on the catch-and-shoot, and that’s going to have to be a big part of Team USA’s gameplan because better teams will…

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