Op-Ed: 2 Disparate Former Presidents

Former President Clinton to speak @ Dem. Natnl. Convtn.

Derek Evans

Former President Bill Clinton is expected to stump for second-term presidential-hopeful Barack Obama. Analysts predict Mr. Clinton will draw comparisons between Mr. Obama’s economic policy and his own. Democrats hope this show of solidarity will play a key role in energizing the party’s base.

Mr. Clinton is currently more popular than the sitting president according to a poll on a the local Indianapolis affiliate of ABC (RTV 6 – The INDY Channel) http://bit.ly/T27GNM. At the end of July, Mr. Clinton had a 66 percent approval rating, while only 54 support Mr. Obama.

Mr. Clinton has been a strong supporter of Mr. Obama, even though he originally lobbied against Mr. Obama in the 2008 presidential primary, when his wife was nipping at then-Sen. Obama’s heels.

Although the stump speech is not expected to dramatically influence this year’s election, Mr. Clinton can, and certainly will, help Mr. Obama. The same, however, can’t be said of the former Republican president – George W. Bush won’t be stumping for presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Analysts predict Mr. Bush won’t even attend this year’s Republican National Convention.

The odd twist, this is actually good news for Mitt Romney and the Republicans in other federal, state and local elections. Republicans want, and in some cases, need to distance themselves as much as possible from the Mr. Bush.

In the 2008 campaign, Mr. Bush barely uttered a peep. The reason likely was that Americans thought many of his policies were flawed, and the memory of them was fresh in their minds.

If Mr. Romney wins this election, the former president will have little to no role in aiding his accession to the Oval Office.

Mr. Bush left office with one of the lowest approval ratings in history. His approval rating since he left office has gone up slightly, but is still much lower than Mr. Clinton.

Mr. Bush’s father, former President George H.W. Bush, will likely be a more significant figure in the Republican Party. There is a chance Mr. Bush Snr. could attend the Republican National Convention this year. One element that may prevent him from attending is his Parkinson’s Disease.

I don’t know about you, but I think I might be getting Partisans Disease, this election cycle. Many people are exhausted with the partisan bickering. The odd realization that many in the public miss – the similarity between the two candidates. Mr. Obama is a blue-dog democrat, who leans a little further left on social issues. Mr. Romney is a moderate republic who has pushed some social policy that his party’s core constituents have not always been in accordance with.

*** Check back later for another editorial on how these two men have very similar healthcare legislation under their respective political belts. Healthcare proves to be a pivotal during the next election cycle, but the two had nearly identical legislation – just on different scales. ***

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