Sir Steve Redgrave ponders what it would be like without his medals: “Nobody would be inviting me anywhere”

Piers Morgan

The Olympics are in full swing and Piers Morgan is reporting from the epicenter of all the excitement—London. Tonight at 9PM, the host is joined by Sir Steven Redgrave, the five time Olympic gold medalist in rowing. The athlete, who was awarded knighthood in 2001, says the medals have impacted everything in his life:

“Without the medals, you wouldn’t get all the other honors that come along with it. So, if I won no Olympic gold medals, I wouldn’t have been anywhere near this place,” Sir Redgrave explains to Morgan laughingly. “Nobody would be inviting me anywhere; you wouldn’t want to be speaking to me.”

Sir Redgrave retired after his last Olympic Gold in Sydney in 2000. Seen by many as the best rower in the world, Redgrave says he did not know much about the sport when he was younger.

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