The Daily is laying off 50 employees, yanking some original content


Rupert Murdoch’s struggling iPad (s AAPL) newspaper The Daily is laying off 50 of its 170 employees, condensing its sports and opinion sections and enacting other cost-saving measures.

The news was first reported by Peter Kafka at All Things Digital. In a blog post, Daily editor-in-chief Jesse Angelo confirmed the changes to the sports and opinion sections, and News Corporation issued a press release (below) confirming the layoffs.

Sports and opinion “garnered the lightest traffic and reorganizing them will allow us to focus on the areas that have proven most popular,” Angelo writes. The opinion section will be folded into the rest of the news pages, and the sports section will sacrifice original reporting for “[offerings] from our friends and partners like Fox Sports.”

As a further cost-saving measure, The Daily will be locked in portrait mode — though the company notes in a press release (full release below)…

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