Tonight on AC360: Shooting survivor hopes for another “miracle”

Anderson Cooper 360

Colorado shooting survivor Petra Anderson is beating the odds. She’s already walking and telling jokes after being shot four times in theater 9 of the Aurora multiplex just 11 days ago. Three shotgun pellets hit her arm, and one went through her nose into her brain.

“She’s so amazing, she’s so determined, ” Petra’s mother, Kim, told CNN’s David Mattingly.

You might remember, in the days following the massacre, there was talk that Petra had an unusual brain malformation that allowed her to survive that shotgun wound to her head. Doctors called it a “miracle.” They still do, but there’s no more talk of a brain malformation. They say amazingly the bullet hit at just the right angle to avoid causing catastrophic damage. If it had struck just one millimeter to the left or right there would be no talk of a “miracle.” Instead, they’d be mourning her death. Thankfully…

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