Too Many of You Quit Piano Lessons, And Now Dumps Are Overflowing with Old Pianos


Hear that sad, sad silence? It’s the sound of pianos dying all around us. So what do we do when the ivories are out of use? We take sledgehammers to them to make them easier to discard in piles of ordinary trash. Or we burn them as firewood. Somewhere, surely, a guitar gently weeps.

Apparently our best piano days are well behind us.

As the New York Times chronicled, the lives of pianos are coming to a screeching halt, and for multiple reasons. There’s the obvious decline in piano use in homes, with the rise of “digital pianos” making their much larger and more expensive versions less enticing.

(WATCH:MIT’s 40th Annual Piano Drop Is a Smash Hit)

But there’s also an increased presence of quality pianos — made in China, of course — that can be purchased for under $3,000, making the cost of moving and…

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