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Signs of abuse in Syria rebels’ pow camp

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The battle rages on in Syria for control over the country’s largest city, Aleppo. CNN’s Ivan Watson, who is in Syria, calls it a “grinding urban battle.” Despite being outgunned by the Syrian Army, rebels are making significant advances, and claim to have captured a police station on Tuesday. Syrian State TV provided contradictory information and claimed government forces liberated that police station, though they lacked the video evidence provided by opposition groups.

Ivan Watson reports that the Free Syrian Army is receiving boxes of ammunition from across the Turkish border, though it is unclear where the shipments originated. The shipments mainly consisted of light ammunition and RPG rounds. RPGs—or rocket propelled grenades—have been key in the rebels’ fight against al-Assad’s more heavily armed forces.

In the words of one opposition fighter, “They’re giving us just enough to keep this revolution alive, but not enough to give us a decisive…

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Hulu shows off new shows – why one of them needs to be a hit


Speaking at the tail end of a two-week summer gathering of television critics in Beverly Hills Tuesday, Hulu senior VP of content Andy Forssell conceded his company stands out as a little bit of an “odd animal” at the event.

“We’re not a TV network and we’re not a studio. We’re a distributor … But we share a lot of DNA with you,” he told the dwindled gathering of about 70 exhausted TV bloggers and newspaper writers.

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Indeed, just like Hulu’s broadcast-network corporate cousins, ABC (s DIS), Fox (s NEWS) and NBC (s CMSCA) — which earlier rolled out their series talent and producers in daylong sessions at the Television Critics Association press tour — Hulu needs a hit.

The company has not released an updated subscriber number for its premium Hulu Plus platform since…

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Music heals shooting victim’s brain

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Less than two weeks have passed since 22-year old violist Petra Anderson was shot four times in theater 9, but she is on the road to recovery with the help of her doctors, family and the healing power of music.

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta explained how music may be helping Petra recover. “If you think about trying to sing a song, for example, there are several different parts of your brain that are immediately harnessed,” Gupta said. The tunes are often played by her boyfriend, who is a professional clarinet player. “In someone who is just learning to walk, if you find a song with a particular cadence to it, you can learn how to reestablish your rhythm,” said Gupta.

Petra’s recovery has been considered a “miracle,” because the bullet that went through her brain was just millimeters from striking in a way that could have been more damaging and…

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