Hej, I'm Caroline.

It was pouring with rain. It was insanely muddy. It was massively crowded with the weirdest people I’ve seen since walking along Camden market. It was the most colourful and passionate open air I’ve ever been to.

I’m talking about yesterday’s Berlin Holi Festival. Describing it feels a little pointless as it was all about colours, fun, music and dancing – the visual, there wasn’t much talking. Everyone was incredibly euphoric and once a certain everyone-is-equally-dirty level was reached, no one could stop us. Everyone was suddenly part of the crowd that was moving up and down, back and forth in the same rhythm (which a huge smile on its face that no rain could take away).

It took some time to put my cameras, my t-shirt and my shoes in an acceptable mode again and although everything’s still dipped in a slight pink shade, but man, it was so

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