Tonight on AC360: Ungodly Discipline

Anderson Cooper 360

Some parents, school administrators, and church leaders across the country believe it’s necessary to physically discipline children in their care. CNN’s Gary Tuchman spoke with those who do it because, they say, they’re acting in the name of God.

The AC360° investigation began when parents of 7-year-old Lydia Shatz pleaded guilty, and were sent to prison, after their young adopted daughter was beaten to death. They claim they were following teachings in a book by Michael Pearl. Pearl co-authored “To Train Up a Child” with his wife as a guide for parents on raising their children in accordance with the Bible.

Tuchman spoke with the Pearls who explain their method of spanking, and say they’re not to blame for Lydia’s untimely death. To demonstrate the technique and force that’s used, Mr. Pearl hits Tuchman during the interview.

Also in the program, former students of a religious boarding school in Montana…

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Android this week: Google Wallet opens; Android 4.0 grows; T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note tested


The Google Wallet(s goog) mobile payment service hasn’t yet taken off, partly because of limitations. Wallet originally launched on a single smartphone — Sprint’s(s s) Nexus S — hasn’t been embraced by other carriers and was limited to a single credit card option. Wallet works well for payments in places that accept it and with some changes this week, more people could be using it in the near future.

Google expanded Wallet support beyond the original Citi MasterCard, so that it now works with other MasterCard(s mc) options, Visa(s v), Discover(s dfs) and American Express(s axp). Google says it works with debit cards as well and the service is more secure: Card information is stored in the cloud, not on the device itself. And Wallet can be disabled remotely if your phone or tablet is lost; I tested that this week and it works. With these changes, plus support on…

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Better Late Than Never: ‘The Who’ Fans Redeem Canceled 1979 Concert Tickets for 2013 Show


When Rhode Islanders purchased their tickets to see The Who in 1979, they probably didn’t expect to wait 34 years to attend the show. That show ended up being canceled, but fans who kept their tickets — as souvenirs or scrap alike — now have the opportunity to see slightly older, grayer versions of the rock legends more than three decades later. Lawrence Lepore, general manager of the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, has graciously offered seats at the February 26, 2013 Who concert to anyone who can scrounge up their ’79 tickets.

Then-mayor of Providence, Buddy Cianci, canceled the 1979 concert citing safety concerns. Two weeks before the Providence concert’s scheduled date, 11 people died in a stampede before a Who concert in Cincinnati. The Who have not visited Providence since.

(MORE:Steven Tyler Talks Dogs, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll)

Ten fans took Lepore up on…

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Google’s product pruning continues unabated


It’s been over a year since Google CEO Larry Page promised to get his teams more focused on fewer projects. And boy has he: In the last 12 months Google(s GOOG) has shut down several dozen products. He’s not done either. On Friday afternoon the axe was brought down on on three more products, as well as some of the company’s official blogs.

In an official blog post written by Director of Engineering Max Ibel, Google said it’s doing away with Google Apps for Teams, Google Listen and Google Video for Business.

Apps for Teams is shutting down in exactly a month, on Sept. 4. Current users will be converted to standard Google Accounts. Google Listen, a podcast search and discovery feature, was made redundant by the Google Play app store. Google says Listen is not going away entirely, but after Nov. 1 the search function will be disabled…

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Summer vacation

   Summer vacation always reminds me of California, driving around with my girlfriends in our still-wet bathing suits, windows down, music blaring, with no particular destination in mind. While I’m not a teenager anymore, I’m planning on doing pretty much exactly that this week. Yesterday I flew to L.A. to see my SoCal friends, Monday I’m heading up to San Francisco to spend time with everyone at home and then I’m ending the week in Tahoe for a good friend’s wedding. I have few specific plans, which to me, is exactly what summer vacation is all about.

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Same-Sex Couples Stage ‘Kiss-Ins’ at Chick-fil-A Restaurants Across the Country


Gay couples embraced at Chick-fil-As across the country Friday at 8 p.m. Eastern time in protest of president Dan Cathy’s belief in “the biblical definition of the family unit.” The PDA protests came just two days after what former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee declared to be “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day,” during which thousands patronized Chick-fil-A restaurants to demonstrate their opposition to same-sex marriage. Chick-fil-A broke a single-day sales record Wednesday.

Turnout was fairly underwhelming across the country, especially compared to the success of the week’s earlier protests. In Decatur, Ga., near the company’s headquarters, about two dozen protesters gathered, the New York Times reports. They waved signs with slogans like “We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re not eating,” and “Eat Mor Equality.” In Orlando, turnout was also low, with around a dozen protesters gathering at a Chik-fil-A outpost to wave rainbow flags and chant slogans.

(MORE:Going Rogue:…

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