Op-Ed: Media Professionals Mingle, Don’t Mix Well (Twitter: #UNITY12)

Diversity groups struggle to play nice with others

By Matt Lewis

The deadline has come and passed for the UNITY: Journalists, Inc. Convention. The conference of professional and student journalists printed its last few grafs of this year’s story in Las Vegas, but the fun doesn’t stop there.

This coalition brings together four groups (now five): the Asian American, Native American, Black, Hispanic and Gay/Lesbian minority trade organizations every four years. Unification of these four happens in near-lock step with the Summer Olympic Games.

The results of the “Discrimination Games” (@ UNITY) are still out, however. What am I talking about you ask… read on to find out.

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Remembering Mando’s Message – Unity News

‘Remembering Mando’s Message’ – Unity News (Twitter: #UNITY12 or UNITY Journalists [@UNITY_JOC]): Read the full story @ http://bit.ly/OKj3ah

Read the full story @ [http://bit.ly/OKj3ah].