Why It’s Unnecessary to Completely Reinvent the iPhone Year After Year


As I was waiting in line for Apple’s iPhone event last Wednesday, I was talking with a number of my analyst colleagues. We all agreed that no matter what Apple launched, there would be folks in the media writing headlines about why the iPhone was disappointing, what it was missing and being generally negative. At my firm’s publishing site, Tech.pinions, we wrote a range of content trying to add perspective to this discussion. Through the process, we had great conversations from people on all different parts of the consumer-adoption curve.

It’s important to remember that much of this sentiment is held by the tech media and the rather small group (from a macro perspective) of early adopters. But this sentiment arises because Apple has done so much to define the smart-phone category, playing a major role in leading this segment to maturity. To get there, Apple has led the…

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