Apple Rolls Out New iOS 6 Software: Here’s What You Need to Know


Apple has started rolling out the new iOS 6 software update. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s New

Apple boasts over 200 new features, but the biggest additions are:

  • New Maps – Apple has removed Google Maps as the default mapping software and replaced it with its own version. Spoken, turn-by-turn GPS directions and the new 3D “Flyover” imagery are among the highlights.
  • Siri Update – Apple’s voice assistant can now launch apps, post updates to Facebook and Twitter, and is more closely integrated with third-party services.
  • Facebook – You can now post status updates from directly within certain apps, and Facebook events and contacts are now integrated with the Contacts and Calendar apps.
  • Photo Sharing – You can share your photos instantly with a select group of people, visible from their own Apple devices or via the web.
  • Passbook – This app stores your loyalty cards, stored-value cards…

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