At Facebook cache is king. Here’s how it keeps it up.


Facebook’s engineering team has created a tool to help determine how well cache stores are performing at the social networking giant. The tool, dubbed Claspin, is detailed on a Facebook(s fb) engineering blog published on Wednesday.

The solution is an elegant example of translating institutional knowledge about how Facebook’s cache systems work into a easy-to-understand data visualization that allows others to quickly spot a problem and fix it. Sean Lynch, a Facebook engineer, described how, with tens of thousands of memcache servers and a caching graph database called TAO, it was sometimes hard to quickly figure out when a faulty cache was bogging down the system.

Caching is one of the most essential features of the Facebook infrastructure because it keeps the data stored most often closer to the web servers, delivering content to users as fast as possible. This is essential when you realize that Facebook is pulling up content…

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