Smile! Maryland Installs New Cameras to Watch Other Cameras


Roadside cameras eyeing speeding drivers or red-light evaders are not a foreign site on Maryland roads. But now, new cameras popping up along local streets may seem to be pointed errantly off the road. Indeed not — the new cameras are trained on the other cameras, and not because they’re nice to look at.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Irate drivers have damaged six speed cameras in the state since April and now, the Automated Enforcement Section of the Prince George’s County police department is stepping in to prevent, or at least monitor, man vs. camera destruction.

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The violations were curiously creative and pretty ugly. The first incident occurred on April 6, when someone shot at a camera in Upper Marlboro, Md. Two weeks later, police believe several people toppled a heavy speed camera near Prince George’s Community College. In May, a perpetrator cut…

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