Xbox One Sales ‘More than One Million’ in Less than 24 Hours


Not to be upstaged by its record-breaking rival, Microsoft says it, too, sold some one million units of its Xbox One console worldwide during the new console’s preliminary 24 hours on sale. In other words, scorekeepers, it’s game on.

Microsoft called its 13-market Xbox One launch “the biggest in Xbox history,” but not — take note here — the biggest in history period. I guess we’ll have to turn it over to the judges to figure that one out, and hope it doesn’t end with a recount and someone suing all the crazy way up to the Supreme Court.

In any case, it’s a new record for Microsoft, “surpassing day one Xbox 360 sales.” The company claims its Xbox One is sold out at most places and that it’s “working to replenish stock as fast as possible.”

“We are humbled and grateful for the excitement of Xbox fans around…

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JFK Conspiracy theories

Anderson Cooper 360

It is simply too hard for many people to imagine a lone individual can kill a towering global figure like President John F. Kennedy. Even Secretary of State John Kerry recently said he has doubts that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Ed Lavandera takes a look at some of the conspiracy theories enduring 50 years after the assassination.

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Anderson discussed these conspiracy theories with forensic pathologist and medical-legal expert Cyril Wecht and investigative reporter Gerald Posner.

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The JFK assassination 50 years later

Anderson Cooper 360

A half century has passed since the death of President John F. Kennedy. There is no way to know how the world would be a different place had JFK been able to serve out his term and maybe even a second. Anderson discussed the tragic events of the assassination along with JFK’s legacy with John King, Presidential Historian Douglas Brinkley and Senior Political Analyst David Gergen.

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What happened to Lee Harvey Oswald’s wife?

Anderson Cooper 360

It’s hard to imagine what life has been like for Lee Harvey Oswald’s widow for the past 50 years. Marina Oswald Porter started a new life, with a new husband, but understandably she has become somewhat reclusive as the decades have gone by. Anderson spoke to Priscilla Johnson McMillan, one of the few people alive who met both President Kennedy and his killer. She was a researcher for JFK when she was in her 20s, and later met Oswald while working as a reporter in the Soviet Union.

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Get Your Chocolate Fix Without the Guilt: Electronic ‘Lollipop’ Can Simulate Any Taste


There are plenty of ways to experience great food without actually going through the trouble of making it. We can read recipe books. We can drool over food blogs. We can even watch food-themed shows on our HD TVs. Unfortunately, no matter how good the picture, nothing can allow us to literally taste what Anthony Bourdain is eating. That is, until now.

New Scientist reports that a team of researchers at the National University of Singapore have developed a digital simulator that can synthesize four of the five basic tastes: salty, sweet, sour, and bitter (umani has not yet been added). The team, lead by Nimesha Ranasinghe, hopes their invention will one day allow viewers to taste the food they see on television, or provide video games with new taste-based reward systems (a sweet taste for completing a level, a sour taste for failing).

The taste synthesizer, which consists of two thin metal…

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Android this week: Chrome gets faster; Google Play tablet apps; Moto X gets KitKat


If you don’t mind using a beta browser, you can surf the web a wee bit faster on Android(s goog). Google announced its Chrome 32 Beta for Android this week and among the features is more speed. How Google did that though may not go over well with all Android users:

“Starting this release, responsive mobile websites will get a performance boost in Chrome for Android because we’ve disabled double-tap zoom. Previously, to support double-tap zoom, Chrome had to delay every touch event sent to the webpage by 300ms to allow the user to tap a second time. Now mobile-friendly sites that are already formatted to automatically fit in the page width will receive click events instantly and can respond to user input more quickly. “

The removal of double-tap zoom appears to be only for responsive websites, i.e.: those that dynamically adjust their layout based on the device…

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Prove You’re The World’s Biggest Lady Gaga Fan By Wearing Perfume Made From Her Pee


Think you’re a big fan of Mother Monster? Then we dare you to try this on for size–or scent. Because, yes, perfume made from the pop star’s urine indeed exists. But you can’t actually buy it. At least not yet.

On Late Night this week, Andy Cohen, host of Watch What Happens Liverevealed that when Gaga paid a visit to his show earlier this month, she relieved herself in a trash can in her dressing room. Rather than be grossed out, Cohen turned to his PAs and said, “That’s a pop culture artifact. We could bottle that up and put it somewhere in the clubhouse.”

One of the show’s PAs went online, found a recipe for homemade perfume, and through some kind of sorcery, bottled up the final product. Mother Monster knew this was happening before this week’s reveal, as she had tweeted the news, saying, “U HAVE BEEN WARNED…

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Enterprise Snapchat and other tools to keep data locked down


“What!?!” That was the general recent reaction to the news that one of the most popular apps on the market, Snapchat, was offered — and turned down! — Facebook’s more than $3 billion cash buyout offer. Whether Snapchat made the right move to hold out remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: we’re creating and sharing more data than ever before.

Thanks to all the gadgets we have access to, any event can now be chronicled online; photos and documents can be sent from person-to-person (even to the wrong people) on mobile devices in an instant. Since there’s no geographic limit to the access of files, what happens to that photo or document once you’ve sent it out into the Ether?

Part of the appeal of Snapchat is the finite length of time that data exists — offering the sender a semblance of control over…

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