Facebook data scientists predict total Princeton depletion within 7 years


The Princeton research that used a disease model to suggest Facebook(s fb) would lose 80 percent of its users in 3 years deserved the hammering it got – it’s simply a bad analogy for the subject. But now a bunch of data scientists from Facebook itself have stepped up to the plate, dryly using the researchers’ own methodology to prove that Princeton enrollment will have depleted entirely by 2021, and the air around us by 2060. Luckily I’m done with my studies, but I’m pretty annoyed about the breathing thing. Damn you, badly-chosen search data and your extrapolations!

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Netflix grows, Beats Music launch woes and disparity in the Bay Area shows


On this week’s episode of the Gigaom Show we get into the good, the bad and the ugly of technology. Netflix (s NFLX) reported another strong quarter this week, setting its sites on international expansion and new potential price plans. Famed headphone maker Beats expanded its brand into a new music streaming services, with a few skips in that particular record. And finally, we talk about the increasing disparity in the Bay Area, between the young tech-haves and the-can’t-afford-to-live-here-anymores.

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Hosts: Chris Albrecht, Tom Krazit
Guest: Janko Roettgers

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Netflix wants to introduce three pricing tiers for new members

Beats Music app goes live in the iTunes app store

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