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Former U-N.C. Prof. Speaks about the great Authors of the American West

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CHANDLER — Elliot Engel, a retired professor from the Raleigh, N.C. area, and about 130 or so Q-tips (retirees) – as well as some other working-class folks – took Scottsdale by storm on Wednesday night to kick-off a week-long speaker series about the great ‘Wild West’. The subjects of his many scheduled talks included the authors and individuals who wrote about and/or shaped this sometimes desolate, often picturesque landscape. The speaker series is taking place this week at the Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center. The reception was Wednesday night near the elegantly lit patio/pool area. White string lights adorned the trees as if to signal an extended Christmas season.There was an Hor d’Oeurves reception and a cash-bar.

Engel, who has regular ‘groupies’, does not let his minor celebrity status go to his pre-frontal cortex. He begins the reception glad-handing those in attendance and has a genuine smile and a kind word to all his supporters. His attention was equally split between those who were experiencing their first ‘rodeo’ with Engel as the keynote speaker to the staunch #TeamEngel supporters. The #GilbertGumption #E.I.C. @M.A. Lewis, his #father and his #maternal #grandparents were also among the guests.

The word savant is not tossed around lightly, especially when one literary critic refers to another (Engel); but Lewis thinks he might only be a few shades of grey from being one if he is not academically classed as one now.

Porous were the ideas flowing from this brilliant man’s mind. By the end of his first address on Geronimo, the audience was hanging on every word. He inextricably wove some of the following literary and oral devices as he began sinking his ‘speaking talons’ in the audience:

  • Jokes
  • Metaphors
  • Interesting Perspective
  • Lingustic and Oral Histories

You Don’t Need to Be a Sexter to Want a Self-Destructing Message Service


The January hack attack on Snapchat outraged its users, 4.6 million of whom entrusted their personal information to the self-destructing messaging service, only to find their names and phone numbers had been leaked and made searchable on a well-meaning, creepy-looking website. It outraged tech reporters, who lambasted the company for its unapologetic response. One Wall Street Journal writer even proposed a boycott of Snapchat.

But amid the chorus of anger rose one discordantly joyful voice: Nico Sell, co-founder of Wickr and a hungry competitor to Snapchat. “We are happy to see 50 percent more growth this year since the hack,” she wrote via her own self-destructing message service. “Kabooooommmmmmmmmm!” she added. Six seconds later a fireball engulfed the message in animated flames and smoke, wiping it clean from all devices for good, she says. The future of her business depends on it.

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Hacker Steals All of Silk Road’s $2 Million Bitcoins


The latest incarnation of Silk Road, an illicit goods Internet marketplace that was shut down by the FBI in October, has been hacked and had all of its bitcoins stolen.

According to Defcon, a pseudonymous administrator for the site, the attacker exploited a vulnerability in the Bitcoin protocol known as “transaction malleability,” and users reportedly lost bitcoins at the value of over $2 million. The same method was used in an attack on several major bitcoin exchanges earlier in the week, although no money was lost then.

Other black-market web portals have struggled to take up the role of Silk Road in the past months, with Dutch authorities recently taking down a site called Utopia.

Last week, Ross Ulbricht denied all charges of being the creator of Silk Road in a Manhattan court, and he has filed a claim on seized bitcoins valued at over $20 million.

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