Mingle @ The Mix Up Bar

By Matt Lewis


After an evening of drinks, mingling and thinking I believe I’ve fully digested all the Royal Palms Resort & Spa and the Arizona Foothills Magazine (AFM) had to offer with this event.

After a vote of their peers, 21 Phoenicians were named most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. I would have to agree with most if not all of their choices, but I do know of one fascinating young woman who was “robbed” of the title, but alas I digress.

The event was very low-key and offered a wide array of folks — the 20-something crowd who is hip, hot and single; the 30’s and 40’s crowd looking for professional business contacts and everyone in between.

I met quite a few beautiful and accomplished women and would talk to as many as I could muster the courage to approach — which was about seven.

What brought me to this event you may ask? A Facebook invite and also a mutual friend was going to be there and I wanted to met them in-person because I felt they were going places in politics — something I hope to always have an ear to the ground with when it comes to being a journalist who is informed.

I must applaud the AFM for hosting such a elegant and wonderful event. There were free champagne and hors d’oeuvres, as well as a bar to get “liquid-courage.”

While in the Men’s Room, I got a question from a gentleman I met at the event. He asked if I would be writing about my experience that night. I laughed and told him “probably.” He said it was a great event to observe people in an unassuming habitat. I agreed.

It made me think of my favorite place to people watch –> the airport. If you ever get bored at the airport, just start people watching and imagine their stories and why they’re going and where they may be from and more of their story.

Thanks for listening to my rant on a mix and mingle that was designed for people just like me. Have a great day.

*** This story was updated for style errors on Thursday, Feb. 20 at 3:14 p.m. ***


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