Unwired Planet Files Mobile Patent Suits Against Google, Samsung, Huawei, HTC In The UK, Germany


While existing Android patent suits between the likes of Samsung and Apple continue to drag on in Europe, Unwired Planet, the patent enforcement entity that acquired 2,400 wireless patents from Ericsson last year, looks like it is putting that IP to work. Today it announced that it has filed parallel infringement actions in the Patents Court of the High Court of Justice, London, United Kingdom and in the Landgericht (District Court), Dusseldorf, Germany.

The UK lawsuit is against Samsung, Google and Huawei and covers six UK patents related to “2G/3G/4G telecommunication standards and push notification technology underpinning the Android ecosystem.”

The lawsuit in Germany extends also to HTC and involves the German equivalents of those same patents.

Unwired Planet says that the suits are being filed “expedite” ongoing discussions with the parties (in other words, sounds like things were dragging on in licensing negotiations, so now UP is getting heavy).

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