GamePop Review: The Android Gaming Console Gets Another Iteration, Still Disappoints


There’s a rush on to be the first Android console maker to strike the right chord with consumers, and there’s no shortage of contenders. Bluestacks is one such contender, and their GamePop is finally ready to ship to consumers. It’s a unique take, packing 500 top Android games into the console pre-loaded and ready to go, all for $6.99 per month. But can it avoid the pitfalls of other Android consoles out there and rise to the top?


  • HDMI out
  • USB power
  • RF controller connects via dongle
  • Distribution planned via cable providers


The GamePop looks nothing like its original concept designs, which came in two forms: a standard, cube-like GamePop and a GamePop Mini with a more minimalist look. The final version is much closer to the GamePop Mini, with a small candy-bar type design that plugs into USB for power, and HDMI to connect to your TV…

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