Movie Review: ‘The Other Woman’

By Matt Lewis
Executive Editor

I saw ‘The Other Woman’ the other day and it was a fantastic rom-com. It had a great appeal for the masses. Kate Upton brought in the younger crowd, Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz brought in a slightly older crowd. And the attractive male lead and secondary were for the ladies viewing pleasure.

The guilty pleasure for men was the obvious slow-mo running scene of Ms. Upton. The lack of subtlety did not distract too much from the movie-going experience.

Everyone could enjoy this film because there were high and low-brow jokes. There was also a deep connection developed between audience and the characters – they were relatable in other words.

Ms. Mann played the same washed up, whinny role she played in ‘This is 40’ but hey who am I to say change a good thing once you’ve got it. As far as Ms. Diaz brought the heat. She was fierce with a capital ‘F’.

The movie was more than funny or one with great little nuggets of wisdom. It explored a wide array of human emotion and took a cerebral look in to the human mind and how it deals with infidelity.

I personally have considered going with friends to re-watch the movie; it was that good.

What makes this film endearing is Ms. Mann’s character, the wife of the slime-ball who cheats wherever he goes. The man in the movie is despicable, but he’s not a total villain, which is a great change of pace.

I won’t give away anything in the movie, but I will say it is worth checking out for yourself.

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