Movie Review: ‘Transcendence’

By Matt Lewis
Executive Editor

The movie ‘Transcendence’ takes the audience on a cerebral journey through the ethics and perils of artificial intelligence or A.I. The film runs about 120 minutes and has mixed reviews.

I personally am still making up my mind on whether or not I like the movie. It was a fascinating look at how everything would play out in a future scenario where technology ruled the world. I am not pro or con when it comes to A.I., but I am a fan of technology in moderation – not ruling the world.

What shall humans do if we ever lose control of our planet to the machine inside ourselves the movie posits. Johnny Depp explores this character very well as Dr. Will Caster.

The movie makes sense and is fairly linear in it’s plot line, but I’m not sure I like the ending — it leaves a little to be desired in the way of a conclusion, but hey maybe that was the director’s intent.

What doesn’t make sense in this movie is how they could have tailored this any more perfectly to me. It began in Berkley, Calif. one of my favorite places (even though I’ve never been) and had Sunflowers, one of my favorite flowers (because they remind me of my grandparents’ farm in Kansas).

‘Transcendence’ certainly takes the audience on a journey worth seeing, but I’m not sure you’ll leave the theatre fully satisfied.

I like movies that make you think as much as the next college graduate, but I am also not one for heavy dramas which this film was.

What can we do if technology comes for us, well the movie and I both agree — we fight back, no questions asked. This Earth was here for organic life first and should remain that way.

We can do a lot of amazing things with technology – take this blog for example, but we must heed the warning signs.

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