National Dance Day

By Matt Lewis

According to Saturday, July 26 is National Dance Day.

If you aren’t already fed up by the fact that just about everything has it’s own holiday now, you may want to celebrate this one.

The Spry Living article’s slug says: No rhythm? No excuse. Anyone can celebrate National Dance Day on July 26 with their expert tips.

Famed choreographer Debbie Allen certainly gained notoriety for her work in Fame. She now inspires “dancers through FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance, no in its 11th season,” the article said.

She has also taken on a more personal project. Her father is battling diabetes so Allen “has partnered with Jansen Pharmaceuticals on The T2 Dance Crew ( to encourage Type 2 diabetics to try to dancing as a way to stay active and manage their condition,” the article said.

“I tried to get Daddy to exercise, but he was not having it,” she says. “When he died, we lost a great light in our lives, and it didn’t have to go that way,” she was quoted as saying in the article.

Allen says she believes anyone can dance and enjoy it. In honor of National Dance Day, Spry Living asked for her best beginner tips on how to “get grooving.”

Build confidence by yourself. If you’re nervous before venturing out to a class or club, call up some YouTube instructional videos and practice in your own space.

Choose an international or unusual style. Chances are, most of the students in your African dance class are new to the moves, too! You might feel less intimidated than at, say, a line-dancing class in the South.

Make an outing of it. Get a group of girlfriends (or guy friends) together for drinks and dancing at a salsa club. “Once you get started, you can dance salsa all night long!” Debbie says.”

The article in Spry Living was written by Katie Neal. 


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