Maggi Pizzas Have Pig Harmful Chemicals Deadly Side Effects

Consider the source and let us know if you agree or think this is just a scare-tactic.

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Now Maggi is in the News for its ingredients contain Lead and other chemicals harmful to Health.
It has been taken off the shelf from UP,Delhi, Kerala and tamil Nadu is about to ban it.
Maggi noodles.jpg Maggi noodles We had earlier the issue of Johnson and Johnson for similar offences. Oreo cookies,which was banned in the US as early as in the Thirties! I have been writing on this issue , Coke,Maggi,Pepsi and other Health Drinks. No body sees to bother . Excepion is my Five year Grandson who refuses all these saying that his Boss Thatha(that's me!) told him they are harmful) I am providing soe information received from my friend below and right after it information from a reliable sites. As they say in Tamil, I have blown the Whisle(Saangu, Conch) Upto You. Life bouy is neither bath soap nor toilet soap ! But it's a Cabolic soap used…

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