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An advice and life column that starts today and may continue in this very spot

By Matt Lewis

Today, I am holding my head high, even though I’m slightly confused. This morning i woke up and thought about work and play all morning long!

What was on the agenda? Well, I was trying to sell at least one newspaper subscription to my Dad, and well, so far, I’ve been doing the long-sale and broken him down to the point where he said a newspaper he stopped subscribing to years ago was one he’d be willing to rejoin (for a fee, but with a Family discount of course).

Some time the other night I got invited to blog for an off-shoot of ESPN. It was a U of A blog for wierdos specifically! I was intrigued and did a little research. It still seems like something I’m going to want to check into. How’d I find it? Facebook. I can’t seem to find the link this morning. Ugh!

Please check in with us and see how our progress here @: The Gilbert Gumption is coming along. On iTunes soon.

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