Hiding in Plain Sight

Staff Reports

So, today was just another day, like any other. We tried to venture into a Gentleman’s club, only to feel rejected – again. UGH! *sighs* Well, I believe M also started his very own non-profit. This group focuses mostly on media, entertainment and friends and is known as this very site, The Gilbert Gumption.

This news website was started by a rag-tag group of journalists, also known as Mad-Men, by some – but now the site rejects that connection because of the connotations associated with the TV program.

Look even Matt has a hard time keeping track of what day it is, what country he’s visiting and where he wants to go next!

These days some on staff look forward to writing their own versions of the great American novel, like the ones by F. Scott Fitzgerald, or those who rejected labels and bucked the system (you know who I’m talking about, the Hunter S. Thomspon’s of the world; who freelanced for many publications and never worried about what others thought of him – heck, we hear Johnny Depp paid for his “funeral” service which incorporated a cannon of some kind.

What’s next for the GG blog? Well, some say it has been valued at $1 Billion, but we all know that’s bull-shit! So, how do you combine a work-life balance that is appropriate? First, I suppose you accept the fact that there is no such thing as “perfect.” Then you go from there. You develop positions of “power,” but we’ve found that a collective, one that hides in plain site usually lands in the safest waters.

Happy travels to all and to all a good night! – #007

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