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By Matt Lewis
Executive Editor & Multimedia Reporter

Une belle femme m’a aidé à en savoir plus sur une fête de la bière locale | La Cour arrière

QUÉBEC CITY – A thought occurred to me when I was enjoying a très magnifique day. In a sprint, I made my way back to the cruise liner to throw my pack down and return to shore in my swimming gear.

I knew that if my parents saw me swimming in the local pool (which was open to the public – by the way) they would ask all kinds of questions, make some snarky remarks and take the obligatory family photographs of me splashing and frolicking around in the water. I’m sure my Father would make some kind of stupid joke that being from Arizona, his son (me), had never seen water and embarrass me publicly.

Earlier in the day, Family pressures were strong in this young Jedi traveler. First, I sat at breakfast much longer than I had planned; determined not to be the first to leave the table – as that is usually seen (at least in our proper family manners – and through my distorted lens) as rude. So, my brother lost the game of chicken to be the first to leave the table – I must admit, he didn’t even know he was playing. Ha-Ha! Makes me think of the last Port of Call we were at and how some of the local waterways there were named for that (which I guess has an actual ironic French and water traveler meaning, but I forget and digress).

When I made my way back ashore after these and other adventures around, Québec City, I wanted to relax; so that is exactly what I did. I kicked off my sandals, set my badge and room key down (next to my brother, of course) and then asked for permission to splash and play in the pool of water that was much cooler and far more refreshing than the humid, warm air of the city.

After the notion of water was firmly supplanted in my head, I began craving more and more drinking water. So that led me to meet the beautiful server, Catherine. She was friendly and full of information about the little drink stand – next to where I had just made a fool of myself – was located.

Catherine told me that coming up in August (around the 13th, 14th, or 15th – she wasn’t sure exactly what day), there would be a festival. I believe the Festibière will take place in the Old Port area of town; but she said visitors should also check out their little Pub St-Philippe (which can be found on Facebook, she was sure to add). If you’re looking for it, try:

You can find St.-Philippe Pub's Facebook Page at:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pub-St-Philippe/103462033058284 Screenshot taken by Matt Lewis on July 14, 2015.

You can find St.-Philippe Pub’s Facebook Page at:
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Screenshot taken by Matt Lewis on July 14, 2015.

Today, is one of those days that – even on vacation – I think about the mistakes I’ve made around the World along the way and what things (good and bad) led me to this spot at this specific time.

Here’s my very own, original, Matt Lewis made-up quote: “I may be small, but me, I have a place in the World. I belong. You belong. We may bump heads, but don’t be afraid of me; I’m trying not to be afraid of you.”

For those looking for more information on the Festibière de Québec 2015 need look no further than:


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