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A Pop-Up Carnival in a Parking Lot

Brown’s Amusements holds annual fair at Chandler Commons strip-mall

Editor’s Note: This story was originally submitted to the San Tan Sun News (a local Chandler, Ariz. newspaper and website). They declined to publish the story, so we are able to publish the article and photo slideshow. This story is no longer timely, but the event happens yearly at around the same time. And the oddity of it, surprised Executive Editor Matt Lewis. He has lived in Chandler his whole life and had not heard about or seen this carnival – which is held annually about a mile from his house.

By Matt Lewis

A pop-up carnival took place in a parking lot near the border between Chandler and Gilbert. This mini-fair was held from Thursday, Feb. 16 through Sunday, Feb. 19 and ran prior to Presidents Day.

The site of the family-friendly fun was near the intersection of Ray and Cooper roads at the Chandler Commons strip-mall. A Ferris Wheel, Tilt ‘a Whirl and Carousel lit up the parking lot, even late into Sunday night.

In addition to rides, there were also a few of the standard carnival games – complete with prizes including large stuffed animals.

Young adults, and a few families, were still enjoying themselves late in to Sunday night. Many seemed surprised there was a carnival in their neighborhood.

Brown’s Amusements, a Chandler-based company puts on the carnival annually, said they’ve been hosting the event for years. The company has been operating in Arizona for more than two decades and hosts carnivals around the state.

“We do a lot of county fairs – our main source of income is county fairs – folks like bringing their kids; and these days, compared to everything else, it’s relatively in-expensive,” Danny Brown, owner of Brown’s Amusements said. “We’ve played the same location for years.”

The holiday on Monday left some of the Brown’s crew wondering why they were packing up a day early; but according to Brown the decision was a logistical one.

Timing was why they had to pack up early. Brown’s Amusements had booked another carnival in the Lost Dutchman area of Apache Junction starting on Monday.

The company went on to add that the weather hurt their revenue. Brown added that the rain might have been a factor in lower attendance.

The three day (or long holiday weekend) provided ample opportunity for attracting patrons, however. The carnival was supposed to be a good source of income for the carnival company, Brown confirmed.

For more information about future stops or other information about Brown’s Amusement, please visit:


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About the Reporter:

Matt Lewis is a freelance journalist based in Chandler, Ariz. and is the Executive Editor & Publisher of The Gilbert Gumption.

Contact the reporter on Twitter: @themattmonitor or via email at: matt20hew@gmail.com


‘Logan’ Film Departure of X-Men Series

Film is violent at times, but has lots of heart and unique themes throughout

By Matt Lewis, Entertainment Editor
March 14, 2017 @ 9:00 A.M.

The movie opens with a tone indicative of the film’s grittier, darker attitude. The audience is introduced to a much older Logan (Wolverine) and Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X). The professor has a degenerative brain disease and with a mind as powerful as his – it could spell disastrous results.

Spoilers may lie ahead:

As for Logan, he’s doing the best he can in El Paso as a limo driver, trying to save up for a boat that he and the professor can live on. They seem to be on the run, but from who is unclear.

The time in which this film is set is after the great purge of mutants. These two characters (along with a minor character named Caliban) feel like the only mutants left.

We soon find this isn’t the case. A young girl, named Laura, comes into Logan’s orbit and changes his path completely.

Instead of a boat and a lifetime of traveling the high-seas, Logan begins a road trip journey up north – to North Dakota of all places.

The reason? He is trying to take the spawn of his DNA to freedom – a place called Eden; essentially a safe-haven for mutants.

Do they make it? You’ll have to watch the film to find out; but yes spoilers on-line abound that both Logan and Professor X die at the end. Personally, I find those deaths less tragic and more a commentary on the fictionalization and Disney-fication of most movies these days – in that even when things end in total disaster everyone is still alive. In this case, the movie, although about mutant humanoids, feels like a more realistic take on the fictionalized super hero genre.

In one scene, Logan – driving a limo mind you – tries to ram through a barbed-wire fence to escape the pursuit of a henchmen of the man who created mutant children in a lab. What unfolds in the scene is pure genius. The comic timing and the realness of it all feels like something we haven’t seen in a picture in a while. The car halts abruptly as it slams into the fence. His multiple attempts to ram through fail. He ultimately puts the car in reverse and escapes another way. The car also appears to have an engine that gives them the speed and acceleration to evade their pursuers, but the limo does fish-tail as he’s driving through the desert – which once again, feels a bit more realistic.

Overall, I’d rate this movie four (4) out of five (5) stars. The interpersonal relationships between the characters is what makes the film a stand-out hit in my opinion. The scenes, the dialogue – all of it is pretty standard; but for an X-men movie this is something different than I’ve ever seen and it quickly became my favorite of the franchise for that reason.

There are a few different ‘Logan’ 2017 movie posters, most of which indicate the movies gritty darkness. This image was found on Google images.

Here is the hyperlink address for the #RedBandTrailer of the movie:

So, when you are weighing whether or not to see this film, here’s a few things to consider:

  1. Do you mind scenes of violence? In particular, can you handle gruesome sounds and sights? This film has a few parts that make even the most stalwart X-men fan cringe in pain or awe.
  2. Do you like the X-men franchise, but don’t mind another installment that takes a departure from the tried and true?
  3. Is Wolverine your favorite X-man? Is it because he’s a brooding bad @$$? …

Personally, our Executive Editor & Publisher of The Gumption, Matt Lewis, says he enjoyed the film; calling

it: “A refreshing departure from the X-men franchise, with just enough violence to appease rowdy male fans and just enough story to be a date movie.”

The film was released in the Spring of 2017 (March 3rd to be specific) and has seen it’s debut earn nearly $250 million worldwide, according to The Hollywood Reporter‘s story (‘Logan’s’ Box Office Climb Even Higher to Huge $88.3M U.S. Debut, $247.3 Globally).

Here’s what IMDB wrote about the film: “In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X somewhere on the Mexican border. However, Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are upended when a young mutant arrives, pursued by dark forces.”


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