We just launched The Gilbert Gumption, a news and entertainment website, which is a product of one year’s planning between Matt Lewis and Varun Bajaj. The site was launched Saturday, April 7, 2012. Our goal is to post stories that provide insight and information other news gathering organizations do not. Our focus will always be on accuracy. Like the Associated Press (AP) we strive to get it first, but we also – FIRST – strive to get it right. Currently The Gilbert Gumption is not registered as a for-profit enterprise, a non-profit organization or a not-for-profit organization. We do plan on incorporating soon.

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  1. Hello, I thought you’d like to know that you mispelled the word “jist” on your website. I’ve had similar mistakes on my site that keep cropping up so I now use a site like to keep them off. -Scott

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