We just launched The Gilbert Gumption, which is a news, and entertainment website, which is a product of one year’s planning between Matt Lewis and Varun Bajaj. The site was launched Saturday, April 7, 2012. Our goal is to post stories that provide insight and information other news gathering organizations do not. Our focus will always be on accuracy. Like the Associated Press (AP) we strive to get it first, but we also – FIRST – strive to get it right. Currently, The Gilbert Gumption is not registered as a for-profit enterprise, a non-profit organization or a not-for-profit organization. We do plan on incorporating soon.

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3 comments on “Contact

  1. Hello, I thought you’d like to know that you mispelled the word “jist” on your website. I’ve had similar mistakes on my site that keep cropping up so I now use a site like to keep them off. -Scott

  2. Hello,

    I Hope you are doing well today,

    I recently came across your website

    Let’s get straight to the point, I’m a well versed as a blogger. I’d like to start contributing to a few more blogs on a regular basis.

    I’d love to know if you are accepting posts, If Yes, I can put together a draft for you to Approve.

    I’ll wait to hear from you.

    Love your site by the way!

    Thank you

    • Hello Bernice,

      We would love to have you submit ANY and ALL content you’d like for our site.

      PLEASE NOTE: ALL material submitted will be first be reviewed by our Executive Editor and blog site manager Matt Lewis. Second, I’d like to tell you about our primary focus at The Gumption: We like to think of ourselves as a news, entertainment and opinion-based reporting and bloggging website (with just a touch of other types of blogs sprinkled in). We publish all types of multimedia (text, photos, video, multimedia packages and more) and are willing to work with contributors on content as far as editing and topic/direction of text/multimedia projects.

      If you’d first like to send a sample of some work you’d like us to feature on our site – please send an email to our general submissions GMAIL account at:

      – OR – If you already have a piece ready for submission you can email Matt directly at:

      Also, we’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your interest in contributing to our site and for checking out our site. Finally, if you don’t mind us asking, how did you come across (find) our blog?

      Best Regards,

      The Gilbert Gumption Team

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