By Matt Lewis
Executive Editor & Multimedia Reporter

     After a 14-day cruise aboard the Pearl Mist Cruise Ship (an American Cruise Lines), sailing along the Eastern Seaboard Maritime & St. Lawrence Seaway, my palate has been forever ruined for the better. I ate at some of Canada’s (and America’s best restaurants – at least in the Northeastern part of America and the Southeastern par of Canada).

My Father said he didn’t really have a most “memorable meal,” he actually said “I don’t care about meals.” The truth is, he is a simple man  – he likes hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza – even in foreign countries. When we got home he said he had missed authentic Mexican-American food. He also said he got so tired of eating fancy meals every day on vacation that he sough out a place to get a hot dog one day, while we were in Canada.

For me, well I had great meals for every meal; breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners and snacks in between. It is no secret, I love food.

A while back, my competitive streak reared it’s ugly head when my Grandfather gushed about my Uncle’s (his Son-in-Law’s) Father’s ability to recall – in detail – a meal he ate decades ago in mouth-watering detail. I began practicing my own such talent. Alas, I fell flat on my face and couldn’t even remember what I had eaten for breakfast the day before.

I believe I was more interested in more sophomoric pursuits and my mind was packed full of SAT prep test questions, names and likes/dislikes of cute Girls in my class, and useless Golf facts.

There is one thing, however, that sticks out: good service. The service on board the Pearl Mist, was spectacular. After only a few days, our waiter, Michael, was on a first-name basis with all nine of our Family. He eventually could predict our orders before we even knew what we wanted. I’m sure he was a huge help to the chef who could (at very least) plan to have enough of our favorite foods prepared for each meal.

Spoiled, we were. Now back to reality, I suppose; unless we find a way to pay for five-star service at Michelin Star restaurants and/or learn to make high-caliber meals ourselves at home.


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– 30 –


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