A tale about the Îles de la Madeleine, Québec, Canada (and the Escale tour center)

By Matt Lewis
Multimedia Reporter, Editor & Publisher

“A great little town with a very big heart!” – Me (Matt Lewis)

A Travel Memory Worth Preserving Just for Yourself

     As I sit in the visitor center of the Îles de la Madeleine, Québec, Canada (also known as the Escale tour center), I listen to ‘The Lion the Beast the Beat’ and think about how I can live up to the nickname my Father gave me — “Lion Lewis.”

     As a freelance journalist, you have to have a fire in your belly and a beat in your head, sort of like Grace Potter & The Nocturnals talk about in their song that I mentioned earlier.

     So, let’s get back to this wonderful little “whaling” village in Southeastern Canada. At around 7 a.m. my eyes sprung wide open in anticipation of a chance to use (and learn a few more) French phrases.

     A professor of mine at University had taught me that speaking other languages helps you e an international freelancer. He was formerly an employee of The New York Times Company / International Herald Tribune and the Associated Press — as a bureau chief in Africa, Southeast Asia, Argentina, and France.

     I always sought his guidance, as his career (and life) were similar to what I wanted to pursue.

Here is a short list of what you should look at if you want to go to this town specifically:

  1. Google : ” isle de madeleine ”
    1. Or type in: ” http://bit.ly/1MkLl96 ” and hit “Go” or “Enter” on your electronic device.
  2. Visit the Magdalen IslandsTourisme Îles de la Madeleine ):
    1. Or type in: ” http://bit.ly/1D5Qfl8 ” and hit “Go” or “Enter” on your electronic device.
  3. Google : “quebec canada
    1. Or type in: ” http://bit.ly/1HktcXL ” and hit “Go” or “Enter” on your electronic device.
  4. Québec, Canada – Lonely Planet : http://bit.ly/1GwnCBg
  5. Canadian Immigration Information – Quebec : http://bit.ly/1NZ0zlv
  6. Quebec – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : http://bit.ly/1LWv7F6
  7. Quebec City and Area: Official Web Site – Québec City Tourism : http://www.quebecregion.com/en/

Finally, here ( http://bit.ly/1Cv6ld5 ) was an Opinion pieced, penned in the Montreal Gazette that I found amusing while doing research on the Magdalen Islands.

The article was entitled: ‘Opinion: In dealing with Quebec separatism, Ottawa should adopt the Seinfeld doctrine‘ by Ralph Mastromonaco, a special reporter for the Montreal Gazette on July 9.

Here is the original hyperlink/URL address for the Opinion story: